Dengar in The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker brings back a lot of characters from the original trilogy and features plenty of nostalgic references to the history of the sci-fi saga. However, there’s one particular character return that you almost certainly never noticed, and like a lot of the additional details about The Rise of Skywalker these days, the revelation came from supplementary sources and materials. The character in question is a bounty hunter from The Empire Strikes Back, and believe me when I say you will be perplexed by the manner in which this character has returned. Read More »

the old guard first look

Update: The movie’s official Twitter account has released a teaser video, which we’ve embedded below. Our original article follows.

Charlize Theron is already an immortal warrior in our eyes, so it’s not too much of a leap for the actress to play one in a new Netflix epic. Theron leads the cast of The Old Guard, a movie adaptation of writer Greg Rucka and artist Leandro Fernandez‘s comic book series about “a covert group of immortal mercenaries who must fight to keep their team together when their extraordinary abilities are exposed.”

The first images of the action epic directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood have been released, giving us our first look at Theron rocking a new short hair cut and kicking ass alongside If Beale Street Could Talk’s KiKi Layne. Read More »

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Concept Art - Dark Rey

Even though the Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker book provides some fascinating insights into the creation of various characters, ships, props and locations of the movie, due to the sensitive nature of certain elements in the final chapter of the Skywalker saga, it’s missing concept art that fans have really wanted to see. Thankfully, Lucasfilm creative art manager Phil Szostak has revealed some of the unseen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker concept art featuring alternate designs for the Dark Side version of Rey, the double-bladed lightsaber she wields, and even the new lightsaber revealed in the final scene, which almost included an added throwback to both the prequels and the original trilogy. Read More »

Avatar 2 set photos

Avatar 2, which has received approximately 4,000 release date changes over the past decade, is currently scheduled to hit theaters on December 27, 2021, which means we have a long road ahead filled with tiny reveals of photos and videos from the set. The process has already begun (Sigourney Weaver appeared in a set photo a week ago), and now producer Jon Landau has shared two new behind the scenes photos from the set featuring James Cameron directing the cast from on high. Check them out below. Read More »

disney+ coming to europe

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s news that Ant-Man director Peyton Reed was at the helm of an episode of The Mandalorian season 2, we have confirmation of another filmmaker entering a galaxy far, far away. Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Spy Kids) celebrated Star Wars Day yesterday evening by posting an image of him on set with the familiar little Force-sensitive puppet everyone knows as Baby Yoda. Read More »

new mutants images new

Remember The New Mutants? The movie that has been pushed from one release date to the next, only to have the coronavirus pandemic sideline it indefinitely? Well, sooner or later we’ll get to see the damn thing, but for now, let’s make do with new images. These pics lean into the fantastical/horror elements of the film, and do a great job distinguishing it from previous X-Men-related flicks.

Read More »

Star Wars Concept Art Takeover

Beginning this morning, the Star Wars hub in Disney+ will start to be taken over by beautiful concept art from the long history of the sci-fi saga that began over 40 years ago. The Disney+ homepage carousel will feature concept art from legendary artist Ralph McQuarrie, specifically the iconic piece showing the early designs for the droids C-3PO and R2-D2, marking the first time fans will be able to navigate to the Star Wars page directly from the carousel art (seen above). But that’s just the beginning. Read More »

Avatar 2 set photo

James Cameron‘s Avatar 2, which will take us back to the world of Pandora first established in his 2009 record-smashing blockbuster behemoth, had to shut down its New Zealand production last month due to the coronavirus pandemic. But today, the film’s official Twitter account shared a behind-the-scenes photo (hopefully taken long before that shutdown) that gives us our first look at returning characters played by Sigourney Weaver and Joel David Moore. Does this photo indicate that the sequel will feature a flashback to the time period of the original movie? Read More »

Avengers: Endgame Watch Party

Last night brought one of the best watch parties yet since the coronavirus pandemic quarantine began. Directors Anthony & Joe Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely hopped online to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Avengers: Endgame by live-tweeting the entire movie. The filmmakers posted bits of trivia from the movie’s development, including alternate ideas and scenes, showed off photos and videos from behind the scenes, and cracked some solid jokes. So we’ve rounded up all the best bits from last night’s Avengers: Endgame watch party so you can be in the know. Read More »

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Dark Rey concept art

When a Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer debuted at Star Wars Celebration last August (what a comparatively simpler time!), fans lost their minds at one particularly explosive piece of imagery: Daisy Ridley‘s Rey, hooded in dark robes, wielding a red double-bladed lightsaber which flipped up to create a dual blade.

Now, as the film approaches its upcoming release on Disney+, one of the artists who worked on the film has shared some more Dark Rey concept art – including an image of Rey with a Kylo Ren-style mask. Check it out below. Read More »