3 brothers

In 1989, Spike Lee released Do the Right Thing, a galvanizing portrait of racial tensions boiling over in one Brooklyn neighborhood during one long summer day. It’s a film that remains as powerful today as it was all those years ago. It’s also still depressingly relevant, as Lee’s film ends with the police murdering neighborhood local Radio Raheem – an act that leads to a riot.

All these years later, very little has changed in the real world that Lee was reflecting, and after a weekend that saw protests breaking out across the country over the murder of George Floyd, Lee cut together a short film called 3 Brothers that blends his film with the real-life deaths of Floyd and Eric Garner, another African-American killed at the hands of the police.

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martin scorsese lockdown short film

Are you bored in lockdown? Listless? Finding yourself with nothing but time on your hands? Isolation can be distressing for everyone, but rather than lounging around with nothing to do, legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese decided to take advantage of the extra time. Scorsese has already shot and edited a short film about his experience in lockdown for BBC, which will debut the short this week on BBC’s flagship arts program Front Row Late.

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out trailer

Pixar has been steadily churning out animated shorts through its SparkShorts program, an initiative dedicated to cultivating new talent through short films, that has allowed Pixar animators to experiment with more than the 3D animation the studio is known for. Everything from hand-drawn animation to new styles of CG animation are on display in the shorts, which first debuted theatrically and on YouTube last year before moving to Disney+. And Disney+ has kept the program alive, steadily releasing new shorts that remind us of the magic of Pixar shorts.

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david lynch short film fire

David Lynch is about to gift us with another one of his hard-to-find short films. Fire (Pozar) is a short written, directed, and animated by Lynch, featuring music by Marek Zebrowski. As part of the experiment of the movie, Lynch gave the short to Zebrowski and the composer then made music without any input from the director, with Zebrowski interpreting the visuals in his own way.

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not alone in here

David F. Sandberg is at it again, making yet another short horror movie while under lockdown. Sandberg, director of Shazam! and more, previously released Shadowed under quarantine conditions, and his latest, Not Alone in Here, keeps the trend going. Like Shadowed, and several of Sandberg’s other shorts, it features Sandberg’s wife and collaborator Lotta Losten being stalked by some sort of supernatural force. But Not Alone in Here changes up the format a bit, with creepy results.

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spike lee short film

Spike Lee‘s love for the city that he was raised in has never been more apparent than now: when New York City has been at the center of a health crisis stretching months and months. The Oscar winner and lifelong Knicks fan has been appearing on the news and speaking out on social media about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and now he has released a short film on Instagram dedicated to the city he loves and the healthcare workers on the frontline of the pandemic. Read More »

‘Muppets Now’ Arrives on Disney+ This Summer

Muppets Now premiere

Last summer, word began to spread that Disney was developing a short-form series featuring The Muppets for the Disney+ streaming service. An official announcement soon followed, revealing that the series would be called Muppets Now and it would land sometime in 2020. And thanks to a recent press release, that wide release window has been officially narrowed down to Summer 2020. Get the details about the series below. Read More »

Roger Corman Quarantine Film Festival

Since we’re still all going to be stuck in quarantine for at least a few more weeks, you might be looking for something else to occupy your time. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker looking to get a little creative, or you just want to try your hand at making a movie of your own, legendary B-movie producer Roger Corman has an opportunity for you.

Roger Corman, the man behind such cult favorites as Death Race 2000, Vincent Price’s The House of Usher, and the infamous adaptation of Marvel’s Fantastic Four from 1994, is putting together the Corman Quarantine Film Festival, and he wants homemade submissions from you with whatever resources you have from your home and backyard. Find out more about how you can participate below. Read More »

the simpsons short

Maggie Simpson has a playdate with Disney+ — and with destiny. The youngest member of America’s favorite animated family gets the spotlight in a new The Simpsons short film which first played in theaters in front of Pixar’s Onward. Now the animated short film, titled Playdate with Destiny, is making its streaming debut on Disney+ tomorrow.

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at home with olaf

The frequently circulated fun fact during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been that Shakespeare wrote King Lear during a plague. It’s a piece of trivia that has become both a source of inspiration and a source of mockery, because who really wants to be productive during a pandemic?

But Disney Animation has shown us all up — and become the godsend for parents everywhere — by releasing a series of animated Frozen shorts, recorded and animated completely from home. At Home With Olaf, with dialogue recorded by Josh Gad, is a new digital animated series that will debut on Disney+ this week and make us all feel bad for not writing our novel while in quarantine.

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