Godzilla vs Kong Trailer

As promised, the first trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong hit yesterday ahead of its March 26 release. And while there is plenty to discuss in terms of reveals and plot business, the name of the game for this first trailer is simply fun. Whether this ends up representing the actual film remains to be seen, but this first trailer definitely goes out of its way to establish a tone. The 2014 Godzilla’s trailer went with mystery. Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ first trailer went for grandiosity. This one is all about the wrestling match. And that’s as it should be. It’s what we come to a film called Godzilla vs. Kong for, after all.

Let’s take a closer look.

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what if trailer breakdown

Disney dropped a new What If…? trailer during their huge Investor Day event, bringing us more footage of the animated series. Like the comics that inspired it, What If…? presents us with alternate realities; versions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that are either slightly, or vastly different from what we’ve experienced in the films. It’s a great idea, and bringing in the MCU actors to voice their animated counterparts makes the whole endeavor even more enjoyable.

Let’s dive into the trailer and see what we can decipher.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer breakdown

Last night, Disney debuted the first full trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, one of several big Marvel Studios shows that are being made specifically for the Disney+ streaming service. Now that the whirlwind of Marvel news has quieted down to a whisper, let’s take a few minutes and take a closer look at the details from this trailer that we all might have missed upon first viewing. Read More »

loki trailer breakdown

Loki looks out of this world — this reality, even. And that’s the intention of the upcoming Disney+ limited series centering around Tom Hiddleston‘s God of Mischief, who we last saw in Avengers: Endgame stealing the Tesseract and teleporting off to goodness knows where. And it turns out, Loki isn’t so sure himself, as the trickster god finds himself jumping through time, and various realities, and apparently pursued (and at one point, captured) by a mysterious organization known as the TVA, led by Owen Wilson.

There’s a lot to unpack in the jam-packed Loki trailer, so let’s head into our trailer breakdown.

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WandaVision Trailer Breakdown

The new WandaVision trailer released last night gave us our best look yet at the trippy Marvel Studios series coming to Disney+ in January. Clearly something is not right in the world of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), especially since her late lover Vision (Paul Bettany) is back from the dead. But that might be the least of Wanda’s concerns as it appears some kind of outside force is influencing her life. Let’s see what we can glean from the new footage in our full trailer breakdown. Read More »

The Mandalorian Special Look Breakdown

We’re less than two weeks out from the second season premiere of The Mandalorian on Disney+, and last night brought some new footage in a special look at the next chapter of the Star Wars series. Lucasfilm is still keeping plot details under wraps, but one line in this footage stood out among all the other dialogue we’ve heard so far, and it should have fans of Mandalorians very excited. Plus, there were some other interesting details to pick up on, so dig into our The Mandalorian special look breakdown to see what can be gleaned from the new footage. Read More »

mank trailer breakdown

Happy Mank day, everyone! The trailer for David Fincher‘s long-awaited return to feature films dropped today, and it’s stylish and cheeky in all the right ways. There’s even an old-timey Netflix logo to seal the deal. To be fair, though, this is really a teaser, so there’s not a whole lot of detail. It’s more like a mood piece introducing us to the basic story – alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) has to write Citizen Kane, on the double! And make it snappy! It’s a true story, and if you’re not entirely familiar with the background of who is playing who in Mank, I’m here to help with a mini-trailer breakdown.

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WandaVision Trailer Breakdown

Last night during the Emmys, a surprise trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision was released. The show has been confirmed to be the first Marvel Studios series coming to Disney+ later this year, arriving before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will likely now be delayed until 2021. But don’t worry, because as our WandaVision trailer breakdown reveals, this looks like Marvel’s trippiest production yet, making it far more intriguing than anything Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are up to.

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The Mandalorian Season 2

Disney+ finally released the first trailer for the highly anticipated second season of The Mandalorian, and it gave us a fantastic first look at the next series of adventures for the bounty hunter Din Djarin and his valuable, curious, and powerful little asset known as The Child.

In the second season of The Mandalorian, the titular bounty hunter is tasked with reuniting The Child with its own kind, which means seeking out the ancient order of sorcerers known as Jedi. That takes Mando and the kid to many locales across the galaxy, and puts them in the sights of plenty of nefarious characters. Let’s dig into the details with out The Mandalorian season 2 trailer breakdown. Read More »

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Dune trailer breakdown

Director Denis Villeneuve has given Dune the blockbuster treatment, and today’s newly released trailer makes it look like one of the biggest movie events of 2020. But if you’ve never read Frank Herbert’s 1960s sci-fi classic, there’s a good chance you were bowled over by the visuals in that trailer but were left wondering what exactly is happening in this story. That’s where we come in. Join us as we go through some of the trailer’s biggest beats and explain what’s going on. Read More »