channel zero cancelled

I suppose this was inevitable, but it still stings a little. After four creepy seasons, Syfy has cancelled the excellent, but under-watched, anthology series Channel Zero. While the series had fans (myself included), it failed to generate the same amount of buzz as American Horror Story. Now, it’s over. One can hope that now that with Channel Zero cancelled by Syfy, another network – or streaming service – might pick it up. But in the meantime, we’ll have to be content with the four memorable seasons that we were able to see.

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the magicians season 4 set visit

Real talk: The Magicians is one of the most jam-packed series on TV and has been since it debuted in 2015. As die hard fans know, there’s always a wrench being thrown into the plans of the students at Brakebills, the home base of our core group of characters who’ve gone from young magicians-in-training to queens and kings to people who have grappled with personal conflict as they fight to save the world. To put things lightly, there’s been a whole lot going on—including fascist librarians, evil fairies, and wicked gods who continue to prey on the group in literally every timeline they visit (yes, time traveling is also a thing on this show).

And the ever-evolving plot continues to raise the stakes in season 4, which picks up where season 3 left off with Hale Appleman as the magician formally known as Eliot who’s now been possessed by The Monster. Oh, as for much of the group—Quentin (Jason Ralph), Julia (Stella Maeve), Penny (Arjun Gupta), Margo (Summer BIshil), Kady (Jade Tailor), and Josh (Trevor Einhorn)—their memories were wiped cleaned after they went against the powers that be to restore magic (which was consumed by the Library throughout most of season 3). So, for a moment at the beginning of season 4, these characters have no recollection of their magical selves and have assumed different identities.

Meanwhile, when we meet Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy) in season 4, he’s dealing with the fallout of his students’ actions and their punishment. Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) has been imprisoned for disobeying the Library (a crime nearly impossible to not commit). Fen (Brittany Curran), who’s sort of still Eliot’s wife from the royal realm of Fillory, is now embedded in the group and their main objective (once things really get going this season) of getting Eliot out of the clutches of The Monster, unscathed. Man, that’s a mouthful.

Here are 10 more things we learned about season 4 of The Magicians from the Vancouver set.

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deadly class pilot

A little less than a month away from its official premiere on January 16, SyFy has released the Deadly Class pilot online to stream now. The series, which follows a group of young misfits who are trained to be assassins in a school called King’s Dominion, is based on Rick Remender and Wesley Craig‘s comic series of the same name, and is a highly anticipated project produced by Avengers: Infinity War‘s Russo Brothers.

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deadly class trailer

If you’ve seen the commercials for SYFY’s new series Deadly Class, in which young misfits are trained to be assassins in a school called King’s Dominion, then you’ve probably already determined that this show is going to be ca-razy (in the best way ever). But beyond the switchblades and the characters’ devilishly deceptive private school uniforms, the show—derived from writer Rick Remender and artist Wesley Craig’s comic book series of the same name—seeks to confront resonating themes of morality, antiestablishment, and mental health that present a conflict among the characters in this 1987-set narrative.

The series also boasts a large young cast of mostly newcomers who take on the roles of diverse youth living on the fringes of society who must fight Battle Royale-style for the acceptance of headmaster Master Lin (Benedict Wong). The story is told through lead character Marcus Lopez (Benjamin Wadsworth), who’s half Nicaraguan, as he enters King’s Dominion after living on the street for two years.

Here are 10 things we learned from the Vancouver set.

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night gallery reboot

The Twilight Zone isn’t the only Rod Serling property getting a 21st century reboot. Syfy has landed a Night Gallery reboot, based on Serling’s 1969-73 horror anthology series. In the original series, Serling would introduce a new supernatural/horror story every week by unveiling a painting in a gallery. The series is famous for giving Steven Spielberg his first real directing gig. More on the Night Gallery reboot below.

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nightflyers opening scene

Alien first popularized the tagline “In space, no one can hear you scream,” but the upcoming Syfy series Nightflyers takes that mantra to heart within the first 5 minutes of the first episode. The network has released the Nightflyers opening scene that made shockwaves when it was teased at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con. The brutal opening scene sets the tone for the horror-sci-fi series based on the novella of the same name by writer George R.R. Martin.

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deadly class trailer

It would be easy to describe Deadly Class as “Harry Potter with assassins,” but that’s just scratching the surface. Sure, this is a series set at a secret academy that trains teenagers how to be expert killers, but the comparisons really end there. If Syfy’s upcoming television adaptation of the Image Comics series by writer Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig is anything like the source material, it will be the kind of entertainment that leaves you a bit bruised and beaten and wanting more.

And you can watch a new trailer for the series right now.

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the dream door review

Secrets can be dangerous, and suppressed emotions can be deadly in Channel Zero: The Dream Door. The fourth season of the creepypasta-inspired horror anthology series has a running theme of secrets, lies and female rage, with an undercurrent dealing with the shadow of mental illness. Like the best works of horror, it takes reality-based fears and blends them with the supernatural. The end result is one of the most superlative seasons of what’s already the best horror show on TV right now.

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Critters Reboot

In recent years, SyFy has become known for their intentionally abysmal programming efforts such as the Sharknado franchise and other monster movies. But they’ve also been responsible for praiseworthy efforts like Battlestar Galactica, The Expanse, Channel Zero and the upcoming Nightflyers and Deadly Class. That makes us wonder just what to expect from their most recently revealed endeavor.

A new report indicates that SyFy is currently in talks to land the rights to the gloriously goofy yet twisted 1980s cult favorites Critters and Killer Klowns from Outer Space with the intention of making new movies based on the properties. The question is, just what kind of movies can we expect? Read More »

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the expanse season 4 first look

Fans of The Expanse are thrilled that the sci-fi series has been saved by Amazon Prime, but perhaps none more so than the cast of The Expanse. After the show had a brief brush with death following its cancellation by Syfy earlier this year, The Expanse was rescued by Amazon, which renewed it for a fourth season. Production is currently underway on the new season of the beloved series, which you can take a look at in Amazon’s behind-the-scenes look at The Expanse season 4.

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