harry potter on peacock

The Harry Potter movies are an extremely important film franchise for Warner Bros. However, just a few months after the launch of HBO Max, Warner’s new streaming service, all eight original Potter movies are leaving the service and shuffling over to a service run by one of WB’s biggest rivals: NBCUniversal.

While all eight films will be disappearing from HBO Max later this month, you’ll be able to watch Harry Potter on Peacock starting in October – and you won’t have to pay anything (other than your time) to see them.
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Craig Robinson

NBC saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation after FOX nixed the cop comedy series, and it’s been going strong over there ever since (though the next season is undergoing some retooling in the wake of recent events). It seems NBCUniversal likes being in business with the show’s executive producers Dan Goor and Luke Del Tredici, because Peacock has picked up a new comedy series Killing It, and Brooknlyn Nine-Nine guest star Craig Robinson will be the lead. Read More »

The Office Extended Episodes on Peacock

The Office is still sitting comfortably at Netflix as one of the streaming service’s most popular shows. But starting in 2021, if fans want to stream the series, they’ll have to head over to Peacock. In order to make sure fans who have seen the series countless times will follow the series to Peacock instead of just buying it themselves, they’ll be releasing extended editions of episodes that will restore cut footage that has never aired on TV before. Read More »

movies leaving peacock

NBCUniversal’s new streaming service Peacock officially launched this week to little fanfare. And with equally little fanfare, Peacock’s biggest movies — including the Jurassic Park and Matrix franchises — are quickly leaving the service.

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30 Rock reunion special

More than seven years after it went off the air, 30 Rock is returning to television this Thursday night.

But a new report reveals that more than half of the country won’t be able to watch the reunion special because NBC’s largest local affiliate groups are refusing to broadcast it. Find out the reason for the affiliates’ beef with this particular reunion, and how you can see it even if you live in an area where it won’t be broadcast.
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30 Rock Reunion Special Trailer

Because we need something to distract us from the horrors of 2020, NBC is bringing back the hit comedy series 30 Rock in the form of a reunion episode coming next week. 30 Rock: A One-Time Special brings back Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, Jack McBrayer and more, and the first trailer gives us a quick taste of what the gang is up to since the series ended seven years ago. Watch the 30 Rock reunion special trailer below. Read More »

peacock viacomcbs

Peacock is beefing up its library. Paramount movies like The Godfather trilogy, Catch Me If You CanThe Talented Mr. RipleyAmerican Beauty, and TV shows like Ray Donovan, The Affair, and Charmed are coming to the NBCUniversal streaming service as part of a new content licensing deal with ViacomCBS.

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peacock trailers

Peacock released a slew of new trailers for its initial slate of Peacock Originals premiering when the new streaming service launches this summer. Among these original movies and shows include an adaptation of the Aldous Huxley dystopian classic Brave New World starring Alden Ehrenreich and Demi Moore, a feature film sequel to the beloved comedy series Psych, and more. Watch the Peacock Original trailers below.

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at-home variety show

At a time when variety and talk shows have started to dry up, Peacock is flying in to the rescue. NBC’s streaming service announced The At Home Variety Show, a short-form comedy series hosted by Seth MacFarlane and featuring a star-studded line-up of NBCUniversal stars that will aid coronavirus (COVID-19) relief efforts.

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peacock trailers

A flock of Peacock trailers has been released by the forthcoming NBCUniversal streaming service in anticipation of its July launch. The trailers for Peacock’s original titles range from sequels and prequels to beloved titles, to star-studded dramas and intriguing thrillers, like the an exciting follow-up series to the quirky procedural Psych and an espionage comedy starring David Schwimmer. And for the quarantined kids who are likely itching for new content: there’s an animated Madagascar prequel series, complete with musical numbers. Watch the Peacock trailers below.

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