The Good Dinosaur 5

#16. The Good Dinosaur Preview: Pixar’s Prehistoric Adventure

Our own Angie Han checked out an extended preview of The Good Dinosaur and learned a whole lot about the prehistoric adventure that will mark Pixar’s second film of 2015. The voice cast was recently jostled around, but there’s a lot more that was revealed in Pixar’s preview event. Find out everything we learned about The Good Dinosaur right here.

#15. Mark Wahlberg Thinks Michael Bay Will Direct Transformers 5

Michael Bay directing Transformers 5

In a recent interview, Mark Wahlberg said that he thinks Michael Bay will end up back behind the camera as director of Transformers 5. Find out all the recent developments on the future of the Transformers franchise right here.

#14. Julia Stiles Returns for Bourne 5 with Matt Damon

Julia Stiles and Matt Damon in The Bourne Supremacy

Besides Matt Damon in the lead role, one of the few recurring characters in The Bourne Identity franchise has been Julia Stiles. And it’s been confirmed that the actress will return for Bourne 5 from director Paul Greengrass. Get the full story right here.

#13. Charlie Brown Has a Crush in the New Peanuts Trailer

The animated movie arrives on November 6th.

#12. Page 2: Why Get Mad When People Enjoy a Movie You Didn’t?

Jurassic World Trailer Still 40

A lot of people are loving Jurassic World, but some people are getting a bit angry that people are enjoying it so much. Is that weird? Do you get angry when someone enjoys a movie that you hated? Join the discussion over here.

#11. Michael Myers Will Be Back in Halloween Returns

Halloween Returns

The future of the long-running Halloween horror franchise has been uncertain for the past few years, but now we have word that Michael Myers will be back in yet another sequel. Find out who will be directing what the story might be in our original report.

#10. Po Meets His Dad in Kung Fu Panda 3 Teaser Trailer

The sequel arrives January 29th, 2016.

#9. Interview: Inside Out Star and Film Nerd Bill Hader

Bill Hader

Saturday Night Live veteran and rising star Bill Hader sat down with our own Germain Lussier to talk about his work on Inside Out, what it’s like making a Pixar movie and much more. Check out the full interview right here. Also, be sure to read about how Hader geeked out with Steven Spielberg on the set of The BFG.

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