Jurassic World Easter Eggs

Jurassic World, a third sequel to the 22-year old modern classic Jurassic Park, opened in theaters this past weekend. We’ve had plenty of coverage on the blockbuster sequel, including reviews from both Peter Sciretta (who loved the movie) and Germain Lussier (who was fairly disparaging), and a new interview with director Colin Trevorrow.

Fans now seeing Jurassic World are undoubtedly noticing all the direct references to Jurassic Park, as well as easter eggs placed for discovery by longtime fans. Most of these are pretty obvious, while others may only be noticed by those who have seen the original film countless times. So we’ve listed all the Jurassic World easter eggs and references that can be spotted in the film.

Check out our list of Jurassic World easter eggs after the jump, but beware of major spoilers for the movie!

The Score

John Williams

Perhaps the most obvious part of this list, Jurassic Park fans will easily notice that there are many nods and references to the original score composed by John Williams. Several of the orchestral cues and themes from Jurassic Park are incorporated into the new score from Michael Giacchino, who also does a fine job of creating some great compositions on his own in Jurassic World.

Ian Malcom’s Book, God Creates Dinosaurs

Jurassic World - Ian Malcolm

Fans of Jurassic Park should remember that Ian Malcolm was the favorite chaos theoretician played by Jeff Goldblum, and the main voice of opposition against the creation of the entire park and messing with the laws of nature. Goldblum doesn’t make a cameo in the movie, but life found a way, so to speak, to still get Malcolm into the movie.

You might remember that back in April an image surfaced as part of a little easter egg hunt in the viral marketing for Jurassic World. The photo showed a book called God Creates Dinosaurs, written by Ian Malcolm. And that book actually appears twice in the film. The first time it pops up in the hands of Claire’s (Bryce Dallas Howard) assistant Zara (Katie McGrath), who is reading the book as she sits behnd the kids on the Jurassic World monorail. The second time, you can see it on the desk of tech guy Lowery (Jake Johnson), who is clearly a fan of the original Jurassic Park, almost as an amusing representation of real-life fans. Speaking of which…

Vintage Jurassic Park Merchandise

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was such a huge film in 1993 that there was plenty of merchandise to go along with its release. From action figures to t-shirts to cups to backpacks, there were few items that didn’t end up getting branded with dinosaurs and the Jurassic Park logo. This fact is mocked a bit in Jurassic World when Lowery wears a vintage Jurassic Park shirt, likely from the gift shop in the original visitor’s center, that he got on eBay. We get a glimpse of that merchandise in the original Jurassic Park around the time the dramatic scene between John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) and Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) takes place while they’re eating ice cream. My only question is why did he get it on eBay when he could have probably just stolen one from the abandoned Jurassic Park gift shop.

Look at This Work Station!

Jurassic World - Jake Johnson

The old Jurassic Park t-shirt isn’t the only reference that Lowery is a part of in the film. There’s one comment from Claire about his cluttered work station, which seems appropriate considering he’s basically the new Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight), the tech guy from the original Jurassic Park. Thankfully, Lowery isn’t as scheming as Nedry, and is a much more likeable guy, so we actually feel bad when all the dinosaur figures get swept off his work station in anger, not unlike when Samuel L. Jackson threw all the trash of Nedry’s messy desk.

Welcome to the Park

Jurassic World - Jurassic Park

The gates to Jurassic World look awfully familiar, and that’s because they’re modeled after the original gates in Jurassic Park. In fact, they say something in the movie about the gates being crated from the original gates to Jurassic Park. We get a different angle of the gates in the final cut of the film than we did in the trailers for the movie, but that’s because that shot from the trailer was created specifically for the marketing campaign. You might remember us writing about that shortly after the trailer came out in November.

Brad Bird, The Voice of the Monorail

Brad Bird Tomorrowland interview

On-screen cameos are always easy to spot, and sometimes they’re even intentionally highlighted (Jimmy Fallon makes a very obvious cameo in Jurassic World). But voice cameos aren’t always as easy to pin down. One such voice cameo that almost nobody will notice is that of The Incredibles and Tomorrowland director Brad Bird as the welcome voiceover on the Jurassic World monorail. It’s a pretty perfect cameo considering Bird inadvertently helped Colin Trevorrow get the gig directing Jurassic World.

In fact, Trevorrow explained how the cameo happened in our interview with him:

“[Brad Bird has] been a great mentor and friend. And he actually invited me to the set of Tomorrowland. And allowed me just to kind of watch him for a couple days. And he gave me great confidence that I at least understood what a day to day experience on a giant blockbuster movie is for a director and we both mixed up at Skywalker Ranch. And he was up there ahead of me and they were doing some pre-dubbing stuff. And I asked if he would be the guy. And I remember writing him a detailed character description of who that guy was. He worked on the tram and he lives in North Hollywood and writes screenplays at night. Yeah, I had this whole thing that I laid out as like just put that into the character. And he did it.”

Winston’s Steakhouse

Jurassic World - Winston's Steakhouse

Much like a regular theme park, there are plenty of restaurants and stores in Jurassic World. Just look around in various crowd shots of the park and you’ll see a Starbucks, a Samsung store, and even a Margaritaville (we’ll get to that later). But one you might not immediately recognize as being a real-life restaurant is a place called Winston’s Steakhouse. That’s because it’s a reference to the late Stan Winston, the special effects and animatronics wizard who helped make the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park work so well on the big screen. Winston passed away in 2008, but he gets a subtle tribute in the form of this steakhouse.

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