#13. How Did This Get Made?: Masters of the Universe

In the newest episode of the podcast How Did This Get Made?, the mystifying adaptation of Masters of the Universe is profiled, and our companion piece adds even more to the mix. Check out the full story right here.

#12. Terminator Sequels Now On Hold Despite International Box Office

history of the Terminator franchise

Even though Terminator: Genisys did decent business overseas, it’s not enough to keep Paramount Pictures on track to get the sequels off the ground right away. The future of the Terminator franchise is now on hold. Get all the details in our full story.

#11. Furious 8 Looking for a Director, Vin Diesel Promises New Trilogy

final Fast and Furious trilogy

Vin Diesel updated fans on the progress of Furious 8, which is currently looking for a director, and Rob Cohen is in the mix to return to the series. In addition, the actor has confirmed that there are three more sequels on the way to form one final trilogy at Universal.

#10. Jessica Jones Trailer: Krysten Ritter Has a Bad Reputation

The series premieres on Netflix on November 20th.

#9. Zack Snyder Developing Watchmen TV Series at HBO


After directing the big screen adaptation in 2009, Zack Snyder is in early talks with HBO to bring Alan Moore‘s graphic novel to the small screen. Find out more about this developing project right here.

#8. Ranked: All the Movies of Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live movies

In honor of the new season of Saturday Night Live, our own Ethan Anderton ranked all 11 movies that have been adapted from the sketches of the late night comedy show. Which one took the #1 spot? Find out by checking out the full list!

#7. The X-Files Revival Trailer: Mulder and Scully Are Back

The show returns on January 24th.

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