Lucille Ball biopic

#16. Cate Blanchett to Lead Aaron Sorkin Scripted Lucille Ball Biopic

In what sounds like an Oscar contender in the making, Cate Blanchett is attached to a biopic about famed comedienne and classic television star Lucille Ball. In addition, Aaron Sorkin is said to be scripting the movie. Find out more in our original story.

#15. Eddie Redmayne Becomes a Woman in The Danish Girl Trailer

The drama arrives on November 27th.

#14. Vin Diesel Teases The Iron Giant 2 May Be a Possibility

Iron Giant 2

With a forthcoming Blu-Ray release and a theatrical re-release with more footage, Vin Diesel has teased that The Iron Giant may have a sequel come together at Warner Bros. Is he just hyping the new release, or could there be a sequel in development? Find out more here.

#13. Hulu Goes Ad-Free, Amazon Adds Offline Playback, Netflix Loses Epix

Hulu commercial free

Some big changes hit the three major streaming services this week. First up, Hulu is now offering an ad-free option for one of their subscription plans. Secondly, Amazon Prime Video is trying to change the game by offering offline playback for some of their titles. And finally, Netflix‘s deal with Epix is expiring and the cable channel is taking their content to Hulu instead. Click each respective link for more information.

#12. R.L. Stine’s Books Wreak Havoc in New Goosebumps Trailer

The adventure arrives on October 16th.

#11. DreamWorks Leaving Disney for Universal Pictures in 2016


DreamWorks‘ current deal with Disney expires in 2016, and it doesn’t sound like they’re going to renew as Steven Spielberg and his production company are in talks with Universal Pictures to strike a deal. There have been rumblings of a desire to reboot Jaws and Back to the Future, but it seems those have been blown out of proportion. Find out more about the DreamWorks deal at Universal right here.

#10. Michael Fassbender Takes the Throne in New Macbeth Trailer

The Shakespeare adaptation arrives on December 4th.

#9. Bill Murray Reveals Why He’s Appearing in Ghostbusters Reboot

Bill Murray Ghostbusters Reboot

After holding up Ghostbusters 3 for years, many were curious as to why Bill Murray decided to pop up in the reboot of Ghostbusters. Well, a recent interview asked him that very question, and the actor was happy to explain his decision, which he didn’t make lightly. Find out what Bill Murray had to say in our original story.

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