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Doomsday wasn’t the only aspect of the film to go through multiple iterations. A piece of concept art by Victor Martinez popped up on the artist’s Facebook page, offering us a glimpse at very different Superman statue than the one that ended up in the film. While the final version features Superman kneeled over and posing like a Greek god, this one is far more alien and abstract. It looks cool, but it’s more than a little creepy and it certainly doesn’t look like the kind of thing you build to honor the hero who repelled an alien invasion. But to be fair, this was most definitely one of dozens of different designs that were thrown at the wall at some point.


Proper spoilers for Batman v Superman follow.

By the time Batman v Superman hit theaters, many of the film’s big secrets had already been revealed. We had already seen Wonder Woman in action, big chunks of the titular fight were showcased in trailers, and Doomsday, the “surprise” third act villain, had already been revealed. One aspect that managed to stay secret until the film was in theaters was the cameo by Kevin Costner, once again playing Jonathan Kent in a vision Superman has while standing on top of a mountain (let’s face it – it’s a weird scene). CinemaBlend recently interviewed Costner about his new film Criminal and asked him about it:

It was the last day of the movie for them. They didn’t even have a chance to throw a party they were so tired. It wasn’t like the first thing, where I had a series of four scenes – albeit small – that, I think, built a character. This one was very ethereal. I haven’t seen it either. So I don’t even know how it played in the movie… the metaphor of ‘try to do the right thing, and it has a downstream of something else.’ That was for Zack [Snyder].

I take issue with a few aspects of this scene (does a Superman movie need a moment where Clark’s ghost dad tells him about the time he accidentally drowned a bunch of horses?), but anyone who says that a film is not improved by the presence of Costner is a dirty liar. His cameo, while odd, was a welcome surprise for a movie that had already shown a lot of its hand.

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