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We still have four more movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will hit theaters before The Avengers: Infinity War. But with the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 making the publicity rounds and production on Infinity War happening right now, there have been a slew of new details about the Avengers sequel that have come to light.

Below, we dive into what we can expect when the Avengers meet the Guardians of the Galaxy, what some of the cast members are hoping to see for their characters, and a certain revelation from some set photos giving fans something they’ve been hoping to see for a little while now. However, beware of potential spoilers from here on out.

There are quite a few little Avengers Infinity War details that have emerged, so we’ll address them individually.

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The Avengers Meet the Guardians of the Galaxy

We know that Avengers: Infinity War will bring together Earth’s mightiest heroes with the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time on the big screen. The two teams will have to join forces to take on the threat that is Thanos, but it sounds like they might not get along so easily when they first meet.

In an interview with Fandango, Zoe Saldana talked about the scene where the two superhero teams come together, and it sounds like it’s already been shot. Saldana said:

“We were so cocky. Deep down we were like, ‘We’re the Guardians of the Galaxy!’ But it was super exciting – the fact that they’re bringing every character in the Marvel universe together and that this super villain is such a prominent figure amongst the Guardians of the Galaxy gives our level of importance quite a boost.”

Dave Bautista, who plays Drax the Destroyer, echoed the sentiments of the Guardians being a little cocky, mostly because they’re a cohesive unit, making them a little more intimidating. Bautista explains:

“When we come onto set as the Guardians, we are the Guardians. Anybody stepping onto set with us has to deal with all of us. There are usually one or two Avengers. We are the Guardians, we come as that and carry a scene like that and we do business as usual, which is a lot of chemistry, a lot of interaction amongst ourselves. And the Russos were very encouraging of that. I think we’ve established ourselves and we deserve to be right up there with the Avengers. I think we’re just as strong, if not stronger, as a unit ‘cause we’re a family.”

I’m interpreting that as so far there hasn’t been a scene shot that has all of the Avengers on set with all of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t scenes where they’ll all be together in the movie. It’s likely rather difficult to round up so many cast members at the same time due to scheduling conflicts, so presumably scenes featuring all of them together are being shot in smaller chunks, which is why only a couple Avengers have been around at any given time.

Then again, there’s something interesting to be noted by something Zoe Saldana said. The actress noted:

“We’re also in space, so we’re not being held by gravity. And you know we’re stronger.”

They’re in space? Does that mean the first time that the Avengers meet the Guardians of the Galaxy it’s not on Earth? I’ve wondered if it would be the Guardians of the Galaxy who have to come to Earth, but Zoe Saldana specifically mentioning them meeting in space is an interesting detail. Maybe their meeting in space is the reason that only a couple Avengers have encountered the Guardians of the Galaxy on set so far. Perhaps they won’t all meet until Thanos makes his way towards Earth.

On the next page, find out some details about Drax the Destroyer, Nebula and a certain Avengers romance.

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