Jeremy Herbert

Photo of Jeremy Herbert
Kent State University
Movies, Horror, Theme Parks, Filmmaking
  • Ever since seeing a picture of Steven Spielberg surveying a miniature horizon of army men for Raiders of the Lost Ark, before he could even read, Jeremy has studied the art of filmmaking.
  • Jeremy has covered the horror beat for years at various genre sites and remains close to the community through the festival circuit.
  • Due to the historical nature of his usual subjects, Jeremy subsists on a steady diet of abandoned behind-the-scenes featurettes and similarly obscure sources for research and context.


Since he could work a camera, Jeremy has split his time making movies and writing about them. His horror films and screenplays have won festivals and competitions alike. His writings have appeared in outlets like Bloody Disgusting, Crooked Marquee, Cracked, Morbidly Beautiful, Attractions Magazine, and PopHorror. He also occasionally writes for and about the theme park industry, specifically where it meets the movies.


At Kent State, Jeremy most of his waking hours working on a live comedy show at the campus TV station, hustling another half hour of material every week. When not stealing footage around campus for parody trailers, he was writing scripts and producing short films for actual grades.
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