paper girls tv series

Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang‘s acclaimed graphic novel series Paper Girls is headed to streaming. Amazon Studios just landed the rights to the comic, and plan to adapt it into a series. Stephany Folsom, co-writer of Toy Story 4, will pen the script for the Paper Girls TV series, which follows four pre-teen newspaper delivery girls dealing with mysterious forces. While the Paper Girls comic launched before Stranger Things, its likely Amazon is hoping to have a Stranger Things-style series of their own, and they may just have found it.

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mindhunter season 2 date confirmed

Fire up the tape recorder and get ready to buddy-up to some serial killers all over again. Mindhunter, the excellent Netflix series from producer David Fincher, is finally coming back for a new season – and soon. Mindhunter season 2 will debut on Netflix next month. It’s been over a year since the first season, which debuted on the streaming service in October 2017.

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crawl review

A congregation of hungry gators are on the hunt in CrawlAlexandre Aja‘s gory B-movie that doesn’t quite want to admit it’s a B-movie. Moving at a brisk pace, and trimmed of almost all fat, Crawl manages to make a big splash, generating plenty of disaster-movie-meets-monster-movie chills. Yet Crawl is a film with an identity crisis. It’s not quite trashy enough to be an amusing B-movie, and one can’t help but think that Aja is taking all of this killer alligator stuff way too seriously. That’s not to say there isn’t fun to be had.

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Sadako trailer

Hideo Nakata, director of Ringu, the movie that inspired The Ring, is returning to the franchise with Sadako. Once again, that darn long-haired ghost girl is messing with people’s lives after her curse is reborn. But since the era of VHS is a thing of a past, the cursed video is now going viral thanks to being uploaded online. Watch the Sadako trailer below.

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lovecraft country cast tony goldwyn

Lovecraft Country has found a villain in Tony Goldwyn. The actor has joined the cast of the HBO series as a wealthy racist who dabbles in black magic. In other words, he’s bad news. The horror series, which is being produced by Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams, is adapted from the novel by Matt Ruff about Lovecraftian monsters and racial tensions lurking in 1950s Jim Crow America.

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sonic the hedgehog redesign done

At the end of April, the first trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie zoomed online, and terrified us all. Viewers were not happy with the design of Sonic, which was an absolute nightmare from top to bottom and included giant human teeth for some reason. In an unprecedented move, the makers of Sonic decided to go back to the digital drawing board and redesign the character to make him less horrifying. Now, it looks like the Sonic the Hedgehog redesign is done. And according to producer Tim Miller, fans will be pleased.

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once upon a time in hollywood drafthouse screenings

The Alamo Drafthouse is going all-in on Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The theater chain will screen the filmmaker’s latest on 35mm at 19 locations across the country. Featuring vintage 35mm trailers and special repertory programming, this entire scenario seems custom-made to entice cinephiles across the land. There will also be 70mm screenings.

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the farewell review

(This review originally ran during our coverage of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. The Farewell hits theaters on July 12, 2019.)

In 2018, rapper and actress Awkwafina broke out in a big way, delivering memorable turns in Ocean’s 8 and Crazy Rich Asians. Those two particular performances were indeed enjoyable and fun, but they also bordered on schtick – the actress was very much playing characters; individuals that felt cooked up primarily in the minds of screenwriters. In Lulu Wang‘s lovely, melancholy The Farewell, Awkwafina breaks out in a much bigger way with her first major role, creating a wholly realistic character, and revealing a talent for dramatic acting that you may not have realized she possessed. It’s an incredible performance.

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the suicide squad cast storm reid

We still don’t know who Idris Elba is playing in James Gunn‘s Suicide Squad sequel The Suicide Squad. But here’s something we do know: his character has a daughter. A Wrinkle in Time actress Storm Reid has just joined The Suicide Squad cast as Elba’s daughter.

This certainly seems like a holdover from the original plan to have Elba play Deadshot, since Deadshot had a daughter in the first film. But after Elba was cast as Deadshot, it was then decided to have him play a different character, in case O.G. Deadshot Will Smith might want to return for future sequels.

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brian de palma novel

Brian De Palma‘s recent release Domino was not well-received, and reportedly suffered from behind-the-scenes set-backs. But fans craving more De Palma thrills are in luck: the filmmaker has a novel coming out. Co-written with Susan Lehman, the Brain De Palma novel is called Are Snakes Necessary?, and features a mystery-based plot that sounds ripped right from one of De Palma’s movies.

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