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Let’s save wordcount and cut any intro fluff – I have ranked every single Child’s Play kill. From Charles Lee Ray’s very first “death” transference to the final frame of Don Mancini’s latest installation, Cult Of Chucky. Window drops, airbag nail bombs, heart attacks. The works. Why Because Child’s Play helped invigorate a glorious era of slasher dominance and has been inventively tallying a body count for almost 30 years. Respect your elders. And because it’s Halloween and it’s the perfect season for more insane horror movie rankings.

Wait. You’ve all seen Cult Of Chucky by now, right? What are you waiting for! The “Rated” version appeared on Netflix a few weeks back, but now you can VOD the “Unrated,” more graphic cut. Read on at your own risk, but know that secrets will be addressed in plain font type. I’d suggest breezing through Cult first. It’s worth it.

Major spoilers begin for the entire series right…now.

67. Alice (Cult Of Chucky)

I WARNED YOU ABOUT SPOILERS! Yes, Alice was controlled by Chucky post-Curse/pre-Cult and died while serving as his stealth camouflage. Her death is only mentioned in passing.

66. Father Frank’s Two Collision Victims (Curse Of Chucky)

Don’t eat poisoned food and drive, kids! Cut to a pair of bodies being covered with a sheet by first responders.

65. Old Man/Old Woman In RV (Bride Of Chucky)

Two poor retirees get shot in the head by Chucky and stored in their own RV’s closet. Boo-hoo, how sad…but also how boring. Chucky is all about the kills, yet these deceased vacationers are popped off-screen.

64. Carnival Security Guard (Child’s Play 3)

Just a rent-a-cop trying to do his job. Andy finds the good samaritan’s corpse with a bullet to the head. Chalk up an offscreen shrug.

63. Alice’s Grandma (Curse Of Chucky)

Alice can’t escape Chucky, who promises to be her friend to the end right before Grandma pops into frame with plastic over her head. One final gasp (and jump scare) before Curse Of Chucky ends.

62. Unknown man (Seed Of Chucky)

Machete-in-head guy falls out of Chucky’s closet.

61. Unknown man (Seed Of Chucky)

Delivery-guy-stabbed-in-back falls out of Chucky’s closet.

60. Unknown man (Seed Of Chucky)

Suffocated guy falls out of Chucky’s closet (what, he has a problem).

59. Lieutenant Preston (Bride Of Chucky)

Tiff shoots blood from her, uh, downstairs parts and out crawls a demon baby who lunges towards Lt. Preston. Is he dead? We can only hope.

58. Sarah Pierce (Curse Of Chucky)

Nica comes downstairs to find Sarah stabbed, laying in a pool of her own blood that then reflects Nica’s horrified face. Worth a yawn by Chucky standards.

57. Joanne Mildred Simpson (Child’s Play 2)

Kyle enters Joanne’s room to see her sewing, presumably. The machine is running, but Joanne isn’t moving. That’s because she’s been bound by rope and bandanas; throat slit.

56. Gravedigger (Bride of Chucky)

Upon reaching Charles Lee Ray’s grave at Forest Creek Cemetery, Chucky shoots the gravedigger from behind. Headshot. Nothing much to report.

55. Garbage Man (Child’s Play 3)

Chucky finds himself in the back of a garbage truck, so he cries out for help. Mr. Driver sifts through trash trying to “save” whoever might be trapped, only to have Chucky sneak out and activate the compacting mechanism. The driver sticks his arm out, as the moving wall pushes towards a rotating wheel of spikes. His arm is snapped, but nothing more is shown. A bit weak compared to other victims.

54. Nurse Ashley (Cult Of Chucky)

For being a minor character, Nurse Ashley’s death is pretty fitting. We find her already drilled to death (phrasing), the deed done.

53. Stan (Seed Of Chucky)

Before Stan can confess his love to Jennifer Tilly or get help, he’s accidentally stabbed when Chucky throws a knife Tiff’s way. No one leaves Chucky, whether you’re his wife or a heartbroken celebrity driver.

52. Claudia’s Mother (Seed Of Chucky)

Kill number two from Glen’s point of view! We creep up on a naked, showering woman who – upon avoiding Glen’s stab – accidentally slips out her shower-tub and whacks her head on white tile flooring. Then the blood begins to leak.

51. Eddie “Edward” Caputo (Child’s Play)

Chucky’s ex-partner is squatting in a dilapidated house. Eddie hears noises that draw him room to room, gun drawn. Little does he know that Chucky already opened his oven and turned on the gas. Eddie flings his kitchen door open and shoots without looking. Cue the entire structure exploding in a fireball, Eddie assuredly baked.

50. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Brett Campbell Shelton (Child’s Play 3)

At Kent Military Academy there’s a yearly “War Games” with paintball ammunition. This year? Chucky turns the simulation into real-life gunfire when he loads the red team’s rifles with live ammo. Shelton is fortunately the only one who gets tagged, shot through the chest by rivals who still think the mission is on.

49. Harold Aubrey Whitehurst (Child’s Play 3)

Harold – the dweebish sidekick type – gets to go out in a blaze of glory when Chuckster lobs a live grenade near Andy, De Silva and more cadets. Seeing the danger, Harold jumps on the explosive and absorbs the blast. At ease, soldier.

48. Fulvia (Seed Of Chucky)

Jennifer Tilly – now Tiff – hears her maid out when she wants to quit, but isn’t so keen on the idea. She beats Fulvia with the Tiffany doll and splatters goo on her face. Still Tiff, it seems!

47. Dr. Philip Ardmore (Child’s Play)

Chucky needs Andy, and Dr. Ardmore stands in the way. With his pick of medical tools/weapons, Chucky stabs the back of Ardmore’s leg and cuts him down to size. Then he straps a leather electrotherapy brace to the good doctor’s head and juices him up until both eyes and mouth are bleeding. Face charred.

46. Toy Technician #1 (Child’s Play 2)

How better to kickoff Child’s Play 2 than with a Play Pals technician being thrown through a massive glass window? This after being electrocuted by none other than Chucky, who has worked his way into a new Good Guy doll. The machine goes to insert the eyes, a red glow fills the sockets, electrical charges begin shocking the technician and WHAM – gold medal even though the backflip landing isn’t stuck.

45. Officer Stanton (Curse Of Chucky)

Bride Of Chucky part deux (first occurrence to follow). Once again, Tiff meets a cop to recover Chucky from evidence, and once again she slices with her metal nail file. Even another blood tasting!

44. Jill (Curse Of Chucky)

Chucky catches Jill sexy skyping in her undies with Barb (who’s only a room away). Jill looks at the doll in horror, then Chucky kicks a water bucket over that rushes under Jill’s feet and into a floor socket where her laptop charger is plugged in. Zap! Jill convulses due to electric currents flowing through her body, until one of her eyes overcharges to a burnt, yellow color.

43. Grace Elsie Poole (Child’s Play 2)

Grace doesn’t believe Chucky pulled a fire alarm. She grabs the doll and as soon as she’s within reach Chucky spouts “Amazing, isn’t it?” before stabbing her three times in the chest. A photocopier covers her corpse with black-and-white printouts of her dead, smushed face.

42. Outside Guard (Cult Of Chucky)

It’s another Tiffany special! What’s with her and slicing lawmen throats open? Blood squirts on her car and she licks the blood off her weapon once again. “Cherry snow cone!” I’m a sucker for cheeseball lines. (Still not the best one, though.)

41. Angela (Cult Of Chucky)

Angela’s death is more a message since Chucky saves Nica from her own suicide attempt – and reciprocates on Angela. A broken wheelchair spoke in her hand and slice up her arm, but it should have been Nica. Not that Chucky would let her off that easy.

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