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Welcome to the second (and final!) part of my complete ranking of all 181 kills from the Friday the 13th film series. If you’re just joining us, I recommend heading over to part one for the details on how this list came together along with the ranking of kills 181 through 51. Today, we’re going to dive into the top 50.

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50. Just Don’t Pour Beer on Jason Voorhees, Okay?

The Film: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

The Victim: Sissy

The Gory Details: There’s a common trend throughout the entire Friday the 13th series – someone insults or underestimates or belittles Jason Voorhees and they end up real dead, real quick. To be fair to Sissy, she didn’t realize she was dribbling beer on an undead masked maniac, but she was. So that means she gets pulled out her window and gets her head completely twisted around in a moment that plays like ultra-violent Looney Tunes. To add insult to injury, her severed head pops up later provide a quick “boo.”

49. Kicker Gets Cocky

The Film: Jason X

The Victim: Kicker

The Gory Details: Another common trend throughout the entire Friday the 13th series is people not finishing the goddamn job when they have Jason the ropes. Space marine Kicker is probably the most guilty of this. He unloads his futuristic assault rifle on the guy and impales him on a crane, leaving him helpless and dangling. But rather than keep shooting or at least keeping his distance, Kicker gloats a little too close his kill…and gets chopped in half by Jason.

48-46. Triple Decapitation

The Film: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

The Victim: Stan, Katie, and Larry

The Gory Details: Who cares that the actual effect is offscreen when it’s this nutty? Stan, Katie, and Larry, wandering around the woods as part of a corporate paintball retreat, all lose their heads via one single swing of Jason’s machete.

45. You’ve Got Something in Your Eye

The Film: Friday the 13th Part III

The Victim: Vera

The Gory Details: Many Friday the 13th films feature Jason getting his hands on a speargun. This kill, his first while wearing his soon-to-be-iconic hockey mask, is one of the best, shooting Vera right through the eye. Like all of Friday the 13th Part III‘s kills, this one is framed for 3D and it becomes charmingly hokey when watched at home.

44. Martin Predicts His Own Death

The Film: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

The Victim: Martin

The Gory Details: Martin, the graveyard caretaker who breaks the fourth wall to accuse the audience of having a strange idea of entertainment and wryly wonders why anyone would dig up the supposedly dead Jason, looks straight at his bottle of booze and says it will be the death of him. Moments later, Jason smashes the bottle and stabs him with it. I love you, Martin.

43. The Jason Voorhees Express Elevator

The Film: Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter

The Victim: Tina

The Gory Details: The first time Jason throws a victim through a second story window is also the best. Tina doesn’t just fall to her death – she lands on a car in slow-motion, one of the most bombastic early deaths in the series. There are bigger and more extravagant kills to come, but this one walks the perfect line between “low budget” and “slightly bigger budget” that defines so many of Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter‘s pleasures.

42. Dirtbike Decapitation

The Film: Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

The Victim: Junior Hubbard

The Gory Details: Shortly before his mama is killed while preparing supper (see part one of this list), Junior Hubbard is tearing around the yard on his dirtbike, unaware that he’s about to get clotheslined by Faux-Jason’s machete. We see many decapitations throughout this series and this one, staged more like a slapstick gag than anything else, really does stand out.

41. Paula Paints the Room

The Film: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

The Victim: Paula

The Gory Details: We don’t actually see Jason hack Paula into tiny pieces, but we do see her innards splatter all over the walls and windows. And we continue to see her little pieces of her throughout the film, as people keep stumbling into her cabin and gasping at the sight of a room that has been completely drenched in blood and guts. It’s the most grisly post-murder scene in any Friday the 13th entry and the movie knows it.

40. Getting Drilled

The Film: Jason X

The Victim: Condor

The Gory Details: Why is there a giant cartoon drill lying around the cargo hold the spaceship? Probably so Jason can pluck space marine Condor from a catwalk and impale him on it. And that’s perfectly fine. What earns it a spot in the top 40 though is how Condor’s lifeless corpse continues to spin around the corkscrew, slowing rotating as it journeys downward.

39-33. Rave On, It’s a Crazy Feeling

The Film: Freddy vs. Jason

The Victims: Shack and six unnamed ravers

The Gory Details: First, Shack (a pudgy stoner who just watched his buddy die) drenches Jason in Everclear and lights him on fire. But a Jason on fire isn’t a dead Jason – it’s just a hulking zombie serial killer who is also on fire. After impaling Shack with his flaming machete, Jason proceeds to go nuts throughout the cornfield rave, cutting down six unnamed partygoers before the story moves on. And need I remind you that he does all of this while on fire? This is the best individual killing spree Jason ever embarks upon in twelve movies.

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