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The Average

Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now? – Following up on the funniest sketch from the first time Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live, Kylo Ren does Undercover Boss again, this time showing how much he has (or hasn’t) grown. This time, he’s an intern, and even though this one isn’t as good as the first time around, it’s worth it just to hear Kylo Ren say “Okay, Boomer.” Plus, Driver’s intensity makes for a couple big laughs. But otherwise, it’s just not as great as the first time.

On a sidenote, it’s so crazy that it’s been four years since Adam Driver hosted SNL (for the first time) shortly after The Force Awakens was released. And in that short time, all the cast members from the original Undercover Boss sketch (Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, and Leslie Jones) have all since left the show.

Medieval Times – Adam Driver takes his Medieval Times character a little too seriously in this amusing sketch. Again, Driver’s acting chops are what make this funny, even if it doesn’t really go anywhere beyond the basic premise. However, what does add some extra flair to the sketch is Kenan Thompson in the audience, offering exactly the kind of commentary that he’s so great at.

Alan Dershowitz: Where Are They Now? – Most of the political cold opens have been bad, but this one actually works fairly well thanks to the heightened premise that actually takes the satire to an unreal place. Jon Lovitz cameos as Alan Dershowitz and ends up in hell. Adam Driver makes the rare cold open appearance by a host, and Kate McKinnon is great as the devil. What’s good about this sketch is it gets bold with some Jeffrey Epstein jokes (one that also makes a relevant reference to the death of Mr. Peanut), and it features a smattering of great non-political one-liners too.

Cheerleading Show – Even if you haven’t seen the documentary series Cheer on Netflix, this parody is still pretty funny. Not only are the impressions of the subjects dead-on, but Kenan Thompson does his traditional scene-stealing bit, and he also makes Heidi Gardner break a couple times. Plus, stay tuned for a last minute appearance by musical guest Halsey.

The Worst

Slow – This episode was so great that the worst sketch of the night isn’t even all that bad. It’s not really a laugh-out-loud music video sketch, but it does offer some light chuckles, especially when Adam Driver speaks in a slow-motion voice. Also, Kudos to Halsey for being a big part of this sketch and giving it her all, so much that she appeared in some revealing lingerie, making it feel like one of her own sultry music videos.

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