I Came By Trailer: Babak Anvari's Latest Is Ready To Thrill You On Netflix Today

Netflix may be undervaluing their latest original thriller from Babak Anvari ("Two & Two," "Under the Shadow," "Wounds") by unceremoniously dropping it on the streaming platform today, but we at /Film know a solid thriller when we see it and will happily pick up the mantle to sing its praises. Directed by Anvari from a script he co-wrote with Namsi Khan, "I Came By" is a twisty thriller about a young graffiti artist named Toby Nealey (George MacKay) who intentionally tags the homes of the elite, but gets more than he bargained for after breaking into the home of a high-profile judge Hector Blake (Hugh Bonneville) and discovering the truth of his hidden basement.

Now, Tobey has put himself and his loved ones in harm's way, as Blake will do anything to keep his secret under wraps. Netflix describes the film with the tagline "Privilege hides the darkest secrets," which sounds like a no-brainer hit for the streaming juggernaut. And yet, "I Came By" arrived on the platform today to little fanfare outside of a new trailer.

We described Anvari's previous film "Under the Shadow" as "The Babadook" of 2016, so it's even stranger that the newest work of one of the most promising and evocative up-and-coming filmmakers has been buried on Netflix. The film promises a cat-and-mouse crime story with some of the most dynamic British actors currently working, and manages to stand out from similar films like "Bad Samaritan" or "Don't Breathe" by delivering compelling character exploration that makes even tangential players a major force to be reckoned with.

Watch the I Came By trailer

It's truly wild to see Hugh Bonneville play such a menacing figure, especially after falling in love with him as the gold-hearted curmudgeon Henry Brown in the "Paddington" films. Yeah, yeah, Bonneville has played plenty of edgy roles in the past, but he's become synonymous with Mr. Brown and Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham in "Downton Abbey." Seeing him pull a full-on Dexter Morgan type role is truly haunting. The opening moment of the trailer looks like something Anthony Hopkins would have delivered as Hannibal Lecter in "The Silence of the Lambs."

Horror movies have historically always been used to explore the cultural anxieties of a generation, so a movie about a beloved judge who appears to be a "saint" in the public eye turning out to be an absolute monster of a human being seems fitting. Every day we're inundated with the threat of discovering a praised public figure is nothing more than a milkshake duck, so giving it a horror spin is absolute perfection.

"I Came By" is now available to stream on Netflix.