I Came By Trailer: Basements Are Clearly For Monsters And Crime

Netflix has released a trailer for the upcoming film "I Came By," starring Hugh Bonneville ("Paddington," "Downton Abbey"), George MacKay ("1917"), and Kelly Macdonald ("Boardwalk Empire"). It's the story of a young graffiti artist (MacKay) who gets pulled into a dangerous situation when he sees the wrong thing at the home of a judge (Bonneville) while hiding in his basement after breaking in. After a zillion horror and suspense films, you have to ask yourself why we even have basements anymore. Their only purpose seems to be for water heaters, crime, and monsters, and the lights just never work correctly.

The tagline in the trailer is, "The darkest secrets always come to light," so yeah, it does make sense that they'd be in the basement. From the information we have, it appears that the film is going to involve class warfare of a sort, something that's certainly topical these days.

"I Came By" is directed by Babak Anvari ("Under the Shadow"). Anvari wrote the screenplay with Namsi Khan. 

I Came By trailer

There isn't a ton of information out about "I Came By," so here's what we can glean from the trailer. There is a judge (Bonneville) who is widely purported to be "a saint," as one of the characters says. He's willing to take on inquests on behalf of refugees and is seen being honored at events and in the paper. What also seems to be happening is a rash of graffiti taggings in the city that are called the "I Came By" taggings, and it looks like there is some pickpocketing going on. We're told that this is all being done to "fight the system," and it appears to be caused by civil unrest. MacKay is one of the taggers and begins breaking into the houses of the rich people that he and his partner, Jay, (Percelle Ascott) are targeting.

When he enters the home of this judge, however, he witnesses something in that basement and gets himself (and his loved ones) entangled in the dangerous mystery of what's really going on. Macdonald is connected to MacKay's character, though it's hard to tell if they're in a relationship (though the age difference would be odd for Hollywood — and refreshing), brother and sister, or maybe mother and son? He is supposed to be 23.

Here is the official logline for "I Came By:"

Privilege hides the darkest secrets. After uncovering a sinister secret of a prestigious judge (Hugh Bonneville), a young graffiti artist (George Mackay) and his loved ones are dragged into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

The film will premiere on Netflix on August 31, 2022.