James Wan Shares Aquaman 2 Concept Art To Hold Us Over Until Next Year

Have you ever wanted to see Aquaman fist-fight a jellyfish in live-action? If "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" director James Wan gets his way in the editing room, then we might very well see that happen. Upon the news that the upcoming "Aquaman" sequel has moved up to a December 2023 release date, Wan posted some cool concept art on his Instagram account of what we could expect. Calling himself a superstitious man, he wrote on the post that he was grateful for the delay in order to make the anticipated sequel as epic as possible.

"Here is a small glimpse of some artwork into the big, epic world-building we're creating, and I need the time to do it right," he wrote.

And what a beautiful world it looks like. The concept art shows what the titular Lost Kingdom will likely look like to some degree, and it appears to be full of waterfalls, bright green trees, and several sunken ships. That doesn't mean there aren't more sinister aspects of this kingdom to explore, as one piece of art portrays two figures encountering what appears to be a tentacled monster in the darkness.

What else could be in store

The rest of the concept art posted by Wan is equally as beautiful and interesting. We weren't kidding about that jellyfish fight, by the way; one piece of art actually shows Jason Momoa's Aquaman tangled up in some weeds and the tendrils of a jellyfish-like creature. What can we say to this besides that dudes rock?

Aquaman also clearly appears in a few other pieces. In one, he looks poised for battle against an octopus queen and her soldiers, while he battles against Yahya Abdul Mateen II's Black Manta in another. "Star Wars" fans might also be intrigued by one piece of concept art that portrays some kind of massive battle involving lasers and massive robots. Check it out:

"These images barely scratch the surface of this movie," wrote Wan in the post's caption. "I can't wait to show, but you have to wait just a little bit longer."

"Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" will release exclusively in theaters on December 23, 2023.