The Daily Stream: A Goofy Movie Is Unique, Touching, And Downright Legendary

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The Movie: "A Goofy Movie" (1995)

Where You Can Stream It: Disney+

The Pitch: Taking place a few years after the "Goof Troop" series, Goofy all but forces his now-high schooler son, Max, to embark on a road trip with probably the worst timing for any teenager: right after Max asked his crush Roxanne to the school dance. To make matters worse, the teen makes her a promise he is pretty sure he won't be able to keep before he leaves on the pilgrimage he can't avoid. With fresh vitriol for his eccentric father, Max rebels hard throughout the trip, and bonds are tested as father and son struggle through trial after tribulation on their way to a better relationship — and to fulfill Max's larger-than-life promise to Roxanne.

Why it's essential viewing

"A Goofy Movie" is probably the most unexpected Disney film to have ever garnered cult classic status. It made a major impression on '90s babies like myself, and it continues to loom large in our brains for its unique world, touching storyline, and legendary — yes, legendary — music.

First off, the movie takes place in a world full of Goofy-style dogs, and maybe because it's not a cartoon world we typically see, but it's automatically really interesting and fun. You want to explore it and get to know the universe Mickey's best pal lives in. After all, supporting characters don't always get the full treatment, so it's cool to take a look at what that looks like, not only with this film but also with the "Goof Troop" series. 

The power of Powerline

The best part of the Goofy world, though, is the pop star whose presence and aura is the bedrock of the film: Powerline. He's Max's favorite artist, and his peers feel similarly about the singer. And then you start to understand why. The music — just two songs, but they pack a punch — is impeccably catchy and vibrant, and makes for a memorable addition to the film's canon.

This movie also proves that Disney doesn't have to kill its parental figures in order to make a good feature. Sorry not sorry about being so blunt. Disney films throughout the company's history have relied on that tactic to mine emotional connections with the audience, but the plot of "A Goofy Movie" is just as effective without that trauma inflicted on the characters. It's still a tearjerker, and it still gives you the catharsis you want from a family comedy about two characters who (pun intended) don't see eye to eye. If you haven't seen it yet, you owe it to yourself to experience its unexpected brilliance.