American Gigolo Trailer: Jon Bernthal Solves A Murder In This Steamy Showtime Thriller

Over 30 years after "American Gigolo" launched Richard Gere's career, the film is getting a TV adaptation with another suave leading man in the starring role. Jon Bernthal is taking over the reins as Julian Kaye, a former male escort who spent years being the object of affection until a murder charge landed him in prison. The series almost works as a direct sequel to the original film: picking up 15 years later, Julian is exonerated when new evidence comes to light proving he did not commit the murder that got him put away. But while trying to get back into his old scene, he realizes that picking up where he left off isn't as simple as he'd like. So he does as TV characters so often do, and gets to work trying to solve the murder himself.

Per the synopsis, Julian must navigate "his complicated relationships with his former lover Michelle (Gretchen Mol), his troubled mother, and the people who betrayed him. While Julian struggles to reconcile the escort he was in the past and the man he is today, Detective Sunday (Rosie O'Donnell) seeks the truth about the murder that sent Julian to prison all those years ago, unearthing a much larger conspiracy along the way."

Jon Bernthal's name should be more than enough to get you hyped for the series but in case you need to be swayed, Showtime has released another trailer in anticipation of the show's premiere. Naturally, this one is packed with all the erotic thriller staples: reckless driving, angry husbands, dramatic undressing, and complicated romances. What's not to love?

Watch the American Gigolo trailer

Who would dare frame Jon Bernthal for murder?! Besides the entire viewing audience of "The Punisher," of course. His kill count on that show was so insane that it's hard to believe the Marvel anti-hero is allowed on the same streamer as "Mickey Mouse" and "Bluey." Although the trailer for "American Gigolo" hints at some violent interactions in his future, Julian Kaye is nowhere near as lethal as Frank Castle. He's got bigger fish to fry: like figuring out his identity after 15 years in prison.

Jon Benthal is the kind of performer that makes a show exponentially better just by appearing for a few minutes. But while it's always fun to see him pop up in a supporting role, it's even more exciting for Bernthal to take center stage with an intriguing new character. You can already tell that he'll spend the season wrought with emotion because the trailer ends with Julian staring into a mirror! Three cheers for internal conflict!

Along with Bernthal, O'Donnell, and Mol, the series also stars Lizzie Brocheré, Gabriel LaBelle, Leland Orser, Wayne Brady, and Laura Liguori. "American Gigolo" has been in the works for years, originating with Jerry Bruckheimer and Neil Labute attached back in 2014. Eventually, it moved into the hands of David Hollander ("Ray Donovan,") who served as showrunner and directed the pilot before departing the project as well. David Bar Katz ("Ray Donovan," "John Leguizamo: Freak,") later stepped up as showrunner and now the 10-episode series is weeks away from making its debut.

"American Gigolo" arrives Friday, September 9, 2022, on streaming and on-demand for all Showtime subscribers. The series will make its on-air debut on September 11, 2022, on Showtime, with new episodes arriving to streaming weekly on Friday nights before airing on Sundays.