Rick And Morty Season 6 Trailer: The Smiths Do Die Hard

It's time to grab your Szechuan sauce and get schwifty, because "Rick and Morty" season 6 just got its first trailer. After "Solar Opposites" went on all types of wacky adventures, it is time for Justin Roiland's other family of sci-fi adventurers to return for a new season.

"Rick and Morty" quickly became the defining adult cartoon of the 2010s and a show with one of the biggest footprints in pop culture since the time of early "The Simpsons" or "South Park." Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, what makes the show endeearing and hilarious is how it mixes wacky and lowbrow humor with complex sci-fi scenarios, all while exploring some rather dark and nihilistic topics.

That being said, it hasn't been all Meeseeks boxes and roses. Because of the long wait between some seasons, it is hard for the new episodes to meet the insanely high expectations. Then there's the fact that the show is being handled mostly by a new crew than the earlier seasons. Both Roiland and Harmon have mostly spent their time working on new shows, like Roiland on "Solar Opposites" and Harmon on developing "Little Demon" and "Krapopolis," while other writers take larger roles on the show. Former writer Michael Waldron is busy helping shape the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while "Pickle Rick" writer Jessica Gao is showrunning "She-Hulk" for Marvel.

This is all to say that we should temper expectations a bit, because this trailer for season 6 is a bit underwhelming. Still, there are plenty of wacky, funny, bizarre moments that could make for the next classic episode of "Rick and Morty."

Rick and Morty season 6 trailer

The trailer is definitely flashy and full of wacky action moments and references to pop culture and even past episodes. We see the return of Roy, the game where you take control of an everyman character and play out their entire lifetime. There's Summer wearing Wolverine-like claws, Rick using Doc Ock-like arms and dropping his own arms to grow new ones that have laser whips, a new Jerry and Rick adventure, the Smiths being chased by cops, and so much more. In typical "Rick and Morty" fashion, the more action-heavy moments in the trailer are most likely from just two episodes.

Fittingly, the trailer ends with Rick and Morty seemingly doing a podcast ad read, and Morty suggesting Rick says "wubba lubba dub dub" before his grandpa refuses because "we're not wh***s."

"Rick and Morty" season 6 will be released across all the multiverse September 4, 2022.