Mythic Quest Season 3 Trailer: Time To Get Back In The Game

The first trailer for "Mythic Quest" season 3 is here, and it looks like the show's about to enter uncharted territory – and maybe some hilariously charted territory, too. The Apple TV+ workplace comedy will return in the fall for a new batch of episodes that sees cocky fantasy MMORPG creative director Ian (Rob McElhenney) and stubborn former lead engineer Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) heading out on their own to co-create the game Poppy wanted to design last season, without having to compromise with corporate overlords.

The two have basically gone through the creative relationship equivalent of the enemies to lovers arc over the past two seasons, but can they actually make video game magic together? That part remains to be seen. Here's the first look at the new season:

Welcome to GrimPop

Even though this promo is just over a minute long (and devotes part of that time to a very funny slo-mo black and white recap), it's also still pretty packed with intel about the new season. By the looks of the sleek new white workspace Poppy and Ian confidently step into, their new company is named GrimPop, an amalgam of the often-at-odds pair's two names.

We also catch a glimpse of them fiddling around in the Metaverse with AR headsets, but overall, they don't seem to be getting much work done. Among the snapshots included in the trailer, there's also Ian wandering around Grimpop HQ in his underwear, Poppy running over a car with a tank, and Ian sparring with "Magic Mike" star Joe Manganiello. Plus, former head of monetization Brad (Danny Pudi) has been demoted to janitorial after his arrest last season.

"Mythic Quest" is at its best when it's about both wacky workplace dysfunction and the real relationships that fuel creative partnership, and it looks like the new season will have plenty of both. While Ian and Poppy seem to be in a semi-happy place (albeit, maybe an easily distracted one), it looks like the company they left behind is having the same old problems: an HR meeting about workplace harassment goes sideways immediately, and community manager Sue (Caitlin McGee) has the perfect last word on NFTS: "I got an NFT for ya, no f***ing thanks!"

While the trailer doesn't show us what game tester Rachel (Ashly Burch) has been up to, an official synopsis confirms she'll be at Berkeley this season, while her girlfriend, Dana (Imani Hakim), works with Poppy and Ian. F. Murray Abraham, who plays writer C.W. Longbottom, will not return for the third season. 

"Mythic Quest" season 3 will premiere on Apple TV+ some time this fall.