The Gray Man Character That The Russo Brothers Would Like To Give A Spin-Off

"The Gray Man" is seemingly just the beginning of the Russo brother's relationship with streaming giant Netflix. Having already worked on films like "Extraction" for Netflix, the Russos have a bold ambition to build another shared universe after capping off one previously with "The Infinity Saga." Having teased an expanded universe for "The Gray Man" in the past, the Russos have continued to explore the possibilities for spin-offs, with one particular standout from the Netflix film being a prime candidate for the Russos to spin off into an action film of his own. 

While the film hasn't exactly received the critical acclaim that the Russos have received in the past for their other monumental blockbusters, Netflix has faith in the directing duo, considering that "The Gray Man" is one of the most expensive films Netflix has ever made. Spin-offs and sequels only make more sense now, as a return on investment for Netflix would require some world-building on the Russo's part. "The Gray Man" has Ryan Gosling's agent Sierra Six character, go up against many opponents. Six only meets his match when going up against "Lone Wolf," played by Indian star Dhanush, who has the charm and physical prowess that might carry him into a spin-off of his own.

Opportunity to expand

In a press event for "The Gray Man" in Mumbai per Variety, Joe Russo spoke on "The Gray Man" as an ever expanding source material that's just asking to be adapted, with Dhanush as Lone Wolf playing a role in it going forward:

"It's based on a book series, so there is the opportunity to expand this into future movies. We love to keep going with the world because we love all the characters. But we need the audience to tell us whether they want to see more of the story or not. If we do continue forward with the story, I can guarantee you that Dhanush's character will be part of that world moving forward."

Although only having a minimal role in "The Gray Man," Dhanush's character stole the spotlight in every scene he was in, bringing a physicality that was both impressive and terrifying. The character managed to survive the action-packed events of "The Gray Man," so whether the Lone Wolf could return in sequel or prequel territory is up in the air. According to Dhanush at the same press event, all it would take for him to return to the role is a phone call:

"It will be great to work with Ryan [Gosling] again, he's a fantastic human being. He is very kind, and we have amazing mutual respect for each other. And it will be really great to work with him. Regardless [of] whether we're fighting or not fighting with each other."

A different kind of protagonist

Director Joe Russo also chimed in on the popularity of Dhanush in "The Gray Man," offering a glimpse of the feedback he's received personally on the character:

"I keep getting texts from people I know, and they just say 'more Dhanush' in the texts."

The Lone Wolf was definitely one of the highlights of "The Gray Man," not only being the center of one of the more exciting fights in the film but being a character with a moral code, keeping the character engaging and letting him live to fight another day. Dhanush brings a different charisma from Gosling's Sierra Six, who is reported to be at the center of this expanding world. That would make an opportunity for Dhanush to take center stage in a spin-off of his own, providing a change of pace to this hypothetical expanded universe. Whether Dhanush returns in a sequel to "The Gray Man" or a spin-off of his own, he is sure to bring some impressively choreographed fights with him.