Prey Early Buzz: The Latest Predator Movie Is A Brutal, Gritty Creature Feature

Dan Trachtenberg's "Prey" is a highly-anticipated entry in the "Predator" franchise, and rightly so. The film follows the story of a young woman named Naru (Amber Midthunder), a fierce warrior on the hunt for a prey, which turns out to be an exceptionally-evolved alien predator. The premise alone warrants a clash or showdown between the two species, as it eventually turns into a fight for survival, with the winner coming out on top as the apex predator. 

While most of us will have to wait for some time for the movie to release in theaters, the early reactions to "Prey" are in, and most of them are overwhelmingly positive. Critics praise the film's brutal take on a classic interspecies fight for dominance; the blood and gore justified by the film's unflinching premise. However, how does "Prey" compare to the other entries in the "Predator" franchise, and is it a worthy successor to 2018's "The Predator?" 

"Prey" received an early screening at the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con (which we are covering extensively), which led to critics sharing their thoughts about the latest "Predator" film on social media short after. Is "Prey" worth the anticipation? Let's find out. 

Prey early buzz

"Prey" is set 300 years in the past in the Comanche Nation, wherein warrior tribes adept at surviving amist harsh conditions live. Most of the "Predator" films have fairly contemporary settings — for instance, in 2018's "The Predator," a predator spaceship lands on Earth, and the human protagonists are tasked with taking out these advanced aliens before they manage to invade the planet. Tonally and thematically, "Prey" has a more primal, survivalist tone that very literally hinges on the survival of the fittest. Does this shift in premise work in favor of the latest installment? 

/Film's very own Chris Evangelista touches upon this aspect, saying that it feels more like a "revisionist Western" than a clear-cut "Predator" sequel, while emphasizing that this does not necessarily mar the viewing experience, and the film is enjoyable as a whole: 

/Film and Bloody Disgusting's Matt Donato says that "Prey" might be the most solid entry into the franchise since "Predator," while praising Midthunder's stellar performance and recognizing that the true essence of the franchise lies in brutality-fueled action:

/Film's Jeff Ewing also praises the film, calling it the best since the original.

Fandom's Eric Goldman also maintains that "Prey" is the best entry since the original, and offers appreciation for Midthunder and the visceral action sequences that feature a human vs predator showdown: 

Shannon McGrew of Nightmarish Conjurings also echoes a similar sentiment, while stating that while "Prey" manages etch its own distinct identity, it also carries with it the essence of the franchise, featuring action-heavy sequences that are worth watching: 

Near-universal praise for Prey

Most of the reactions are glowing for the most part, with a huge chunk of critics hailing "Prey" as one of the best, if not the best entry, in the franchise, while praising Midthunder's character who is very easy to root for, and the gore aspect of the film that is immensely enjoyable for many reasons. The film is being hailed for its gritty, primal elements and the deeply personal nature of the protagonist's journey.

By now you might have guessed that early reactions to "Prey" are resoundingly good, and the praise does not end:

Seems like "Prey" has really hit the mark, and we have to find out how it fares when it premieres on August 5, 2022 on Hulu.