No Hard Feelings: Release Date, Cast, And More

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Jennifer Lawrence has given some excellent performances over the years, whether she's saving the world in "The Hunger Games," blowing up a microwave in "American Hustle," or serving as an intense metaphor for the Earth in "Mother!" The actress went off the radar for a few years, but re-emerged for "Don't Look Up" in 2021 and has since filled up her calendar with plenty of upcoming projects.

Among them is "No Hard Feelings," a comedy vehicle led by the actress that's set for a 2023 release. What else do we know about "No Hard Feelings" so far? Let's start here:

No Hard Feelings release date and where you can watch it

"No Hard Feelings" is currently set for a June 16, 2023 theatrical release according to Sony. Though next year's release schedule isn't set in stone yet, as of right now, it looks like the movie will be a summer theatrical option alongside other June debuts like "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" and "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts."

Despite the fact that "No Hard Feelings" is still a year away, we can also get a decent sense of what its streaming future will look like: Sony currently has a deal with Netflix wherein the platform gets first streaming rights to their new films after each movie's theatrical and video-on-demand run is complete. Unless that deal changes or "No Hard Feelings" somehow proves an exception to the rule, you'll eventually be able to catch the movie on Netflix.

What is No Hard Feelings about?

At this point, the plot of "No Hard Feelings" is still a bit of a mystery, but it's an intriguing one. Billed as an edgy R-rated comedy with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead, the movie was reportedly highly sought after among streamers before it finally landed at Sony. The company apparently paid an impressive price tag for the film, which means whatever the story is, it's one that has the potential to be a hit with audiences.

A glimpse at the script credits could reveal a bit about "No Hard Feelings": the movie is written by Gene Stupnitsky, who penned the R-rated kid-starring film "Good Boys" and the wild Cameron Diaz film "Bad Teacher," as well as John Phillips, who wrote the Robert De Niro-Zac Efron comedy "Dirty Grandpa." Based on these titles alone, it's pretty likely "No Hard Feelings" will be raunchy and outrageous.

No Hard Feelings cast and crew

Jennifer Lawrence stars in "No Hard Feelings," which is among her first projects back since she took a break from acting after, as she told Vanity Fair, "I just think everyone got sick of me. I got sick of myself." The actress also starred in "Don't Look Up" last year, and will appear in a number of other upcoming movies, including Adam McKay's take on the Elizabeth Holmes story.

While the supporting cast of "No Hard Feelings" hasn't been announced, the producing, writing, and directing teams are all locked in. As mentioned above, "Good Boys" writer-director Gene Stupnitsky penned the script along with "Dirty Grandpa" writer John Phillips (above). Stupnitsky is also directing "No Hard Feelings." Phillips is an executive producer on the project, while the producing team also includes Lawrence, Alex Saks, Marc Provissiero, Naomi Odenkirk, and Justine Polsky. Lawrence appears to be prioritizing producing as well as acting these days, as she also has producer credits lined up on several other upcoming projects.