The Live-Action Superhero That Keanu Reeves Would Want To Play

Keanu Reeves has done it all. The 57-year-old actor has helped revolutionize cinema with sci-fi epics, charmed us in rom-coms, delighted us in goofy comedies, thrilled us in action films, and then did all of those simultaneously in the "John Wick" films. He's even been a teddy bear reporter!

But like any actor, Reeves wants a new challenge. It seems the actor wants to join a very exclusive club, one comprising of members Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton, and Adam West. A club with a dress code that is either black tie or tights, where breakfast is served at midnight with a gothic décor. That's right, it appears Keanu wants to play Batman, and now I can't stop picturing it.

A dark knight

Well, technically Keanu already played Batman on the big screen, in the upcoming "DC League Of Super-Pets." That makes him part of the even more exclusive club that includes the likes of Will Arnett and Kevin Conroy — the club of Batman voice actors. But because we live in a society where animation is treated differently, he seems to want to step up.

In an interview with Extra, Reeves professed his love about the character of Batman and the joy it was to play him in the film. "I love Batman, as a character. I love him in the comic books, in the films, so to get the opportunity to voice, to play Batman was awesome," Reeves said, before confessing his dream of playing Batman involves wearing an actual suit in live-action. 

"It's always been a dream, but Pattinson's got Batman right now and he's doing awesome, so maybe down the road... Maybe when they need an older Batman."

Now, Reeves has already expressed interest in playing a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but even if we didn't have plenty of actors capable of playing for both teams, isn't he just perfect for Batman? Just consider the facts, he has a growling voice that just screams, "I witnessed my parents being murdered in an alley," a knack for violently breaking people's bones, and an overall weirdo vibe that makes you want to make sure he's okay. He is perfect to play Bruce Wayne.

Now, it is true that Keanu Reeves would be the second oldest guy to play Batman at (after Michael Keaton, who reprised the role at 70 in "The Flash" which will definitely be released), but there is one easy solution: make a "Batman Beyond" movie.

"DC League Of Super-Pets" swings into theaters July 29, 2022.