Adam Scott Has A Very Wholesome Dream For Mark S. In Severance Season 2

Adam Scott has been in the business for a very long time playing across a multitude of genres (remember, he's in "Hellraiser: Bloodline"), but made a name for himself as a funnyman in shows like "Party Down" and "Parks and Recreation" and as Will Ferrell's jerkwad brother in "Step Brothers." Scott may be most known for comedies, but the multifaceted performer recently earned his first Emmy nomination for his performance as Mark S. in the Apple TV+ workplace thriller, "Severance." It seems impossible to overstate how fantastic Dan Erickson's "Severance" is, and it was no surprise that in its first season, the series would nab 14 total nominations across all creative categories. The mesmerizing first season saw Mark S. as the leader of the Macrodata Refinement division at the megacorporation known as Lumon, where all of the workers' memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives.

The show is a horrifying and compelling look at the way corporations and capitalist greed push people to do the unthinkable. In a recent interview with IndieWire, Scott said that "Severance" is a project he'd wanted to do more than anything else before it, despite being unsure if anyone would actually watch it. "While we were making it ... we would all kind of stop and look at each other and just marvel at how weird this all was," he said. "'Who ... what is ... what are we do — this is insane. Who is going to watch this?'" Everything about "Severance" is intense both physically and emotionally, and each character is pushed to the absolute brink of their own existence. 

But Scott hopes his character will have a happy ending. 

Adam Scott hopes Mark's future is a happy one

After Mark's "innie" (the term for your workplace version) is able to enter the real world, Mark S. is forced to reckon with some truly harrowing realities of his life. His assumed-deceased wife is still alive, somehow; his weird neighbor is actually his untethered boss Harmony Cobel (Patricia Arquette); and the author of the self-help book that motivated the severed employees to learn the truth about their employer was written by his brother-in-law. 

Mark is going through a lot, and season 2 is only going to up the ante. Adam Scott has massive empathy for his character, and despite knowing the intense circumstances that plague his character, he's got a wholesome hope that things will all work out for him. "My dream is that Mark is able to get a goat," he said, adding: 

"A baby goat of his very own, and lives happily ever after somewhere super comfy." 

Given everything about "Severance," he'll be lucky if he even gets to transfer to the Goat Department at all.