Harley Quinn Season 3 Trailer: Get Ready For New Misadventures And Harvey Guillen's Nightwing

"Harley Quinn" season 3 is just around the corner, and the very funny adult-oriented HBO Max series has just dropped a full trailer that clues us in on some major new plots. Harley herself (Kaley Cuoco) introduces the trailer with her typical slightly maniacal enthusiasm, giving a shout-out to the "ladies, gentlemen, theys, and gays" before pulling the curtain back on a new season of adventure, mayhem, and Harley-Ivy cuteness.

There's plenty of great stuff jam-packed into this trailer, but one of the biggest takeaways for DC fans will likely be the introduction of Harvey Guillen as Nightwing. The "What We Do in the Shadows" actor makes his Gotham debut as Dick Grayson, who's sitting on a bus seat next to Harley giving an intense soliloquy about how his city needs him. This take on Grayson seems hilariously melodramatic, to the point that even Batman (Diedrich Bader) himself calls the young hero out for being a bit "overly serious."

Harley's back with more mayhem and meta-humor

The new trailer also offers some insight into the season's overarching plots. While the first teaser for this season showed that new couple Harley and Ivy (Lake Bell) are still super enamored and pretty much a dream team, the full trailer does hint at a little trouble in paradise. Thee pair seems to be attempting to pull off an Ivy-made plan to terraform Gotham and return it to the Earth, but Harley is acting weird: "I believe she is going through what is known as some s**t," roomie Clayface (Alan Tudyk) tells King Shark (Ron Funches).

Meanwhile, in a plot that I'm sure won't parallel the bleak political realities of 21st century America in any way, shape, or form, Joker (also Tudyk) has gotten bored with villainy and decides to run for mayor so he can be someone his family is proud of. The clown prince of crime hits civilians in the face with free money, speeds around Gotham on a Joker-themed float, and even appears to be doing his own riff on the infamous stair dance sequence from Todd Phillips' Joker.

The whole season seems like it's brimming with meta-humor, from Bane's (James Adomian) Tom Hardy-voiced apology about his sarcastic-sounding applause to a random Ben Affleck reference to, as the teaser trailer showed, a wild-looking James Gunn cameo. Now two years in the making, the show's first season to debut on HBO Max looks like it'll be well-worth the wait.

The show premieres on the streamer on July 28, 2022.