Believe: Yes, You've Seen That Thor: Love And Thunder Credit Scene Actor Before

This post contains major spoilers for "Thor: Love and Thunder."

Marvel mid-credits scenes: are they an art form? Not exactly. But do they sometimes include some of the most watercooler-chatter-worthy moments in a movie? Definitely. The latest credit insert offering comes courtesy of "Thor: Love and Thunder" and it not only offers up a major hint to where the massive superhero franchise may be headed, but also includes a surprising and delightful cameo.

Pop star Harry Styles popping up at the end of "Eternals" to introduce himself as Eros was big, but for a certain faction of TV lovers, the utterly unexpected appearance of this fan-favorite actor might be even more exciting. Honestly, this is my three Spider-mans moment.

A TV fan favorite joins the MCU

"He's here! He's there! He's every-f******-where, Roy Kent!" 

That's right, folks. "Thor: Love and Thunder" managed to tap Emmy-winning "Ted Lasso" actor and writer Brett Goldstein for their latest mid-credits reveal. Not only is the man who plays the most foulmouthed member of the AFC Richmond team now, hilariously, a part of the largely family-friendly Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he's also taking on a role that seems like it could be massive for the future of the MCU: Hercules.

Goldstein makes his appearance after the action of "Thor: Love and Thunder" wraps up, in a scene that starts off with recently struck-down god Zeus (Russell Crowe) nursing his wounds and vowing to get that pesky Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth). After Zeus, who the movie reveals to be a bit of a responsibility-dodging tool, finishes lamenting the lack of respect the gods have been getting lately ("When did we become the joke?"), he looks to the demigod Hercules for support.

'He's here! He's there!'

Enter, our good buddy Roy Kent in the MCU version of full sword and sandal regalia. The scene seems to set up a showdown between the hero of Greco-Roman mythology and the Norse god, one that could be the foundation for Thor's future appearance that's already been promised by the "Thor will return" title card. 

Despite his roots in ancient history, Hercules has also been appearing as a Marvel character since 1945, when he was introduced in an issue of "Young Allies." Over the years, comic book Hercules has been both friend and foe to Thor. While we can't know exactly what's next for Hercules, it's clear that with the introduction of the Greco-Roman gods, the Egyptian gods of "Moon Knight, and the Eternals, Marvel is headed in a more celestial direction.

But enough about Marvel lore: let's get into Brett Goldstein lore. The actor has appeared outside of "Ted Lasso," in movies like "Howl" and shows like "Doctor Who" and "Derek," but his role as grouchy but lovable veteran soccer player Roy Kent is certainly his most recognizable. The highly acclaimed Apple TV+ comedy has already announced it will wrap after three seasons, which means if Goldstein does end up a major player in the MCU, his schedule will be free for it. I for one can't wait for a resurgence of the debate over whether or not the entire man is CGI.

"Thor: Love and Thunder" is now in theaters.