Ted Lasso Actor And 'Normal Human Man' Brett Goldstein Denies He Is A CGI Creation

You probably know Brett Goldstein from his work on the critically acclaimed Apple TV+ comedy series "Ted Lasso," where he serves as a writer and plays the gruff but lovable Roy Kent. But since the internet is a super chill place and its users are all completely stable and reasonable people, Goldstein has been making headlines in recent days as the subject of a conspiracy theory.

The theory goes that Goldstein is not actually a real person — instead, he's a CGI creation placed into the show by the tech wizards at Apple. "He 100% is CGI," one Redditor writes, "I swear he glows off the screen and looks like a Halo character in movement and speech." As with most things online, it's difficult to tell whether comments like these are genuine or just tongue-in-cheek attempts to create a fake controversy for the lolz. I mean, we're living in a society in which a miracle vaccine against a deadly virus is available for free at your local pharmacy, but a not-insignificant percentage of the population is ingesting horse medication because their brains have been poisoned by right-wing media. So it stands to reason that some of these "Brett Goldstein is CGI!" people might be totally serious about their assertions.

Thankfully, Goldstein himself has weighed in to put this matter to rest once and for all. OR HAS HE?

Goldstein's Final Statement on the Matter

"I just want to clear up something once and for all," a Memoji-clad Goldstein says in the video. "I am a completely real, normal human man who just happens to live in a VFX house and does normal human basic things, like rendering and buffering and transferring data." Goldstein has been a comedian for years, so naturally he has a good sense of humor about all of this nonsense.

I spoke with the multi-hyphenate earlier this year about the second season of "Ted Lasso," and he told me the massive swell of support around the show's first season blindsided the people who worked on it. 

"We didn't expect anyone to watch the show, let alone for people to watch the show and to have such a positive reaction to it. It's really been amazing and surprising. We genuinely just thought, 'Well, we've made this thing we all really care about,' and hoped for the best. But it was like a year before it came out, and we were already writing season 2 when season 1 came out. So we haven't deviated from the plan based on peoples' reaction."

"Ted Lasso" season 2 is currently streaming on Apple TV+, with new episodes arriving on Fridays.