Reservation Dogs Season 2 Trailer: Growing Up Ain't Easy, Even With A Spirit Guide

"Reservation Dogs" might be the best coming-of-age series in a long, long time, and season 2 of the acclaimed series is coming soon, with a brand-new trailer to show fans what's to come. The first season ended on kind of a cliffhanger, with Alora (Devery Jacobs) and Jackie (Elva Guerra) running away to California and leaving the rest of the gang behind to deal with life on the reservation. Bear (D'Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai) is trying to figure out how to be a man without any kind of father figure, Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis) is trying to figure out where she fits in, and the lovable Cheese (Lane Factor) is pretty much just along for the ride. Season 1 followed the teens as they grieved their friend Daniel, who died by suicide and left the whole community reeling. 

The series, created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi, is created largely by Indigenous cast and crew,  providing a truly authentic glimpse into growing up on a reservation in rural Oklahoma. The series is as heartfelt as it is hilarious, and can bring audiences to tears as readily as it can to giggles. It's one helluva show, and season 2 looks like it's going to take everything from season 1 and make it even better.

Adventure and wisdom

The trailer for season 2 begins with Jackie in a tourist trap of some kind, getting her fortune from one of those old machines that prints a fortune for a few quarters. The voice of the "medicine man" is clearly Spirit (Dallas Goldtooth), who appears sometimes and guides Bear with his wisdom. He narrates much of the trailer, explaining that the reservation dogs have done something they're ashamed of, and that they have to deal with their guilt before they can heal.

There's footage of Alora and Jackie on the run and headed to California, some of Bear trying to learn how to work construction, and Willie Jack trying to remove a "white wizard curse." The elders are all still around, of course, including the always-entertaining Uncle Brownie (Gary Farmer) and local law enforcement officer Big (Zahn McClarnon), and it looks like some of the other adults are starting to really party. Dr. Kang (Bobby Lee) looks to be back in a big way, though there seems to be an ominous tone to the partying in the trailer, as Spirit warns that those who are up with the owls cannot soar with the eagles in the morning. 

Writer-director Sydney Freeland said that "Reservation Dogs" season 2 is going to be "crazier" than season 1, and this trailer gives us all the proof we'll ever need. "Reservation Dogs" will premiere on August 3, 2022, exclusively on Hulu.