Here Are The Marvel Characters Tessa Thompson Wants In A Valkyrie Solo Movie

Any time a supporting character comes out of nowhere and ends up stealing scenes in a Marvel movie, reactions always tend to follow the same train of thought: "Give them a spin-off movie!" But sometimes, you can just tell when a particularly new superhero hits harder than usual. Ever since Tessa Thompson first arrived on the scene as Valkyrie in "Thor: Ragnarok," fans have clamored to see much more of the self-exiled Asgardian. An appearance in "Avengers: Endgame" during the overstuffed final act was cool, I guess, but it didn't exactly give the charismatic actor much of a chance to flex her wings (other than the ones her horse had, at least).

"Thor: Love and Thunder" is set to bring her back in a major way – and maybe even address the calls for the character's bisexuality to be made canon. Maybe her own solo film could offer enough time and space to explore the character like never before. If anything, those calls for the newly-crowned King of Asgard to receive a much larger spotlight have only grown louder. Once the fourth "Thor" film makes its way to theaters exactly one week from now, we'd be willing to bet that the Valkyrie hype will rise to a fever pitch.

Thompson is thinking along similar lines, apparently, and is already thinking ahead to which Marvel Cinematic Universe characters she'd love to be paired with should that project ever become a reality. Hint: one of them is big and green and always angry.

'I really miss Mark Ruffalo and I really miss Banner and Hulk'

Who among us wouldn't leap at the chance to fan-cast our own solo movie if we were fortunate enough to portray a fan-favorite character in a franchise as big as the MCU? Tessa Thompson has the full weight of the fandom on her side and, honestly, quotes like the ones I'm about to show you below ain't a bad way to lobby for this to finally happen.

In an interview with the Spanish-language outlet Cinepop (translated via ScreenRant), the actor was asked about who she'd personally like to fight with in a hypothetical Valkyrie-focused solo film or television series. Her answer probably won't surprise you.

"Well, I really miss Mark Ruffalo and I really miss Banner and Hulk so I think he'd be my number one pick. And then really anyone from Wakanda. I would love to be able to fight alongside any of the incredible Wakandans, particularly all the incredible female warriors. I think Valkyrie would really relate to them. In our film ["Thor: Love and Thunder"], we have Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, two new intergalactic goats. And they would have to be with me and of course Miek would have to be with me. Now I think the Wakandans are the only great fighters in this bunch, but I think we would do okay."

Fans have seen how the plot of "Love and Thunder" seems to be about getting a new superpowered team together. Frankly, Thompson's idea sounds even more interesting to me. In general, actors probably shouldn't be made in charge of deciding the broad strokes of a narrative ... but maybe we can make an exception here.

"Thor: Love and Thunder" comes to theaters July 8, 2022.