The Back To The Future Musical Is Coming To Broadway In 2023

Great Scott! We may never get a "Back to the Future" remake for as long as director Robert Zemeckis has something to say about it (and thank goodness for that), but perhaps this is the next best thing.

The hit time travel movie, starring the unparalleled Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, has been turned into a musical before, as we previously wrote about here. That came into being with Zemeckis' and writer Bob Gale's blessing, though it was only made available on the stage in the West End of London. That's about to change in a big way, however, as "Back to the Future: The Musical" is set to hit the bright lights of Broadway. The official "Back to the Future" Twitter account made the exciting announcement earlier today, directing potential viewers to make plans to buy advanced tickets for the musical play that will arrive in 2023.

Urging viewers to "Synchronize your watches" along with the cheeky request to "Sign up yesterday" in order to be among the first to buy tickets for the event, a brief announcement teaser was also made available, which you can see either in the tweet above or in the video below.

Back to the Future comes to Broadway

Everyone knows the story by now: thanks to the irrepressible Marty McFly and the brilliant Doc, the pair changed the course of history forever once that gorgeous-looking DeLorean hit 85 miles per hour at the Twin Pines Mall at midnight. But what if that famous story was retold ... but with musical numbers this time around? It doesn't sound like this idea should work on paper, but Broadway's conquered far more impossible-sounding challenges before. "Back to the Future" will become the latest proof-of-concept once it hits the big stage next year.

Fans who want to see this spectacle for themselves are encouraged to head on over to the official site to sign up to be among the very first to buy tickets for what will most assuredly be a can't-miss event. Ideally, such a nostalgic experience wouldn't be restricted to theater kids in either London or New York City, but who knows if the success of this production could potentially lead to expanding showings around the world later on? If the instant social media reaction was anything to go by, then this will almost certainly become a hot-ticket item in no time.

The 1985 classic will always live on as the best possible version of this story, but something tells me the musical will similarly have to be seen to be believed, too. Act fast and get yourself to front of the line for those tickets, folks, or nothing short of actual time travel will be able to help you.