The Boys: Watch The Full Music Video Of Soldier Boy Singing 'Rapture'

The folks at Prime Video promised fans that season 3 of the hit subversive superhero series "The Boys" would show the history of Vought through the '60s, '70s, and '80s, but I never thought they'd take it quite this far. In a spankin' new promotional video, season 3 cast member Jensen Ackles does his version of Blondie's "Rapture" as the supe Soldier Boy on a fake episode of the 1980s television series "Solid Gold." 

Fans of the "Supernatural" star already know Ackles has a great talent for mugging it up in musical sequences, but watching him drolly try to rap "Rapture" as a team of spandex-clad dancers pivot and twist behind him is truly something magical. Soldier Boy has been teased by a lot of the marketing for season 3, though he's still a bit of a mystery as of the fourth episode, which is now streaming. New episodes of "The Boys" drop Fridays on Prime Video, and I can promise you there will be a lot more of Soldier Boy to enjoy ... he just probably won't be rapping. 

A surreal slice of the 1980s

Whoever is in charge of marketing for "The Boys" season 3 deserves a raise, because between the bitingly funny faux-Fox News "Seven on 7" bits, the "Dawn of the Seven" trailer and website, and now Soldier Boy on "Solid Gold," the marketing is close to being as entertaining as the series itself, and that's truly saying something. 

The fake "Solid Gold" music number feels completely authentic to the actual "Solid Gold," which ran from 1980 to 1988 on Saturday nights and featured appearances by guest performers, focusing on whatever music was popular that week. The Solid Gold Dancers made the show stand out from other similar shows like "American Bandstand" or "Top of the Pops," and there are plenty of them wriggling around behind Soldier Boy. 

"Rapture" by Blondie is pretty much the perfect song for Soldier Boy to attempt to rap, because not only was it the only rap song (using that term loosely) to air on MTV for many years, but singer Deborah Harry's stilted attempt at hip-hop rhythm is perfect for parody. (Don't get me wrong, I love Blondie, I just think "Rapture" is kind of funny.)  Ackles plays it to perfection, with Soldier Boy clearly staring at lines on the teleprompter during his "performance," offering sly smiles here and there for the ladies, and exuding enough '80s style machismo to give Stallone and Schwarzenegger a run for their money. 

Check out the video above and catch more of Ackles as Soldier Boy in season 3 of "The Boys," with new episodes premiering Fridays on Prime Video.