Human Spoiler Tom Holland Spoiled Spider-Man: No Way Home For Ms. Marvel's Iman Vellani

Tom Holland is at it again. It's been nearly six months since "Spider-Man: No Way Home" came out, yet stories are still rolling in about the creative ways the famously spoiler-prone actor managed to spill the beans about Peter Parker's latest adventure. This time, it wasn't to the public, but to Marvel newcomer — and superfan — Iman Vellani.

The "Ms. Marvel" actor, who plays superpowered teen Kamala Khan in the new Disney+ series, shared a story about her meeting with Holland in a profile for Elite Daily. Vellani says she met Holland while seated for hair and makeup for "Ms. Marvel" before the release of "Spider-Man: No Way Home," and the actor showed her a photo of himself with a former Spidey, effectively ruining the biggest reveal of the film.

Vellani knew about the Spideys ahead of time

"He fully shows me a photo of him with Tobey Maguire!" Vellani revealed, after explaining that she and Holland asked one another about the premise of their respective projects. Vellani, who despite her imminent stardom seems to remain an enthusiastic Marvel comics fan first and foremost, doesn't sound like she was especially hyped to learn about the twist before seeing the movie. "I get we're both in Marvel, but I didn't need to know that before it happened," she said.

Like most of us, Vellani sounds like she was more endeared by Holland's impressive inability to keep a secret than anything else, as Elite Daily says the actor was excited as she recalled the pair's meeting. Last week, Marvel President Kevin Feige revealed that "Ms. Marvel" was actually filming right next to the soundstage for "Spider-Man: No Way Home," and that members of the Spidey team snuck over to check out the show's AvengerCon set. With such close quarters, it would be tough not to take a peek at what's going on next door, especially when it means you get to know the secrets of Phase IV.

With "Ms. Marvel" set to debut on Disney+ this week, at least we can rest well knowing that Holland hasn't spoiled that show — as far as we know. The limited series created by Bisha K. Ali ("Loki") tells the origin story of Jersey City teenager Kamala, a Pakistani-American fangirl who gains new powers when she finds a set of mysterious bangles. The show draws inspiration from G. Willow Wilson's excellent "Ms. Marvel" comic book run, and will serve as a lead-in to the 2023 movie "The Marvels."

"Ms. Marvel" debuts on Disney+ on June 8, 2022.