What We Do In The Shadows Team Says Nandor And Guillermo Aren't Getting Together Anytime Soon, Sorry

"What We Do In The Shadows" isn't exactly known for will-they-won't-they dynamics: the bawdy FX comedy features a cast of sexually fluid vampires who seem refreshingly open to any and all sorts of relationship configurations. Yet that orgiastic attitude doesn't seem to extend to one person: Guillermo (Harvey Guillen), Nandor the Relentless' (Kayvan Novak) put-upon human familiar. The comparatively reserved vampire hunter and household servant seems to have eyes only for his boss, leading shipper fans to dub the pair "Nandermo."

At a press conference today ahead of the series' upcoming fourth season, the show's cast and crew fielded questions about Nandor and Guillermo's relationship, which seemed to be getting a little less hypothetical by the end of last season. Here's the good news: it sounds like Guillermo may be getting a love interest this season. Here's the less good news, at least for fans of the pairing: it may not be his beloved master.

"A whole year has gone by since we last saw Guillermo in a coffin," Guillen reveals, referencing the character's trip abroad to London with Nadja (Natasia Demetriou). "Being away from the group, Guillermo realizes a lot of things about himself and realizes a lot of things that he's been missing in life, in general. So [Nandor and Guillermo] are both after love." The actor says that the vampiric master and his erstwhile servant still have a love that's "really great and deep, but not always in a relationship form." Series EP and writer Paul Simms put it even more concretely, saying that "both Nandor and Guillermo find love this season."

There's still lots of love in store this season

At the press event, Simms responded to a question about the pair by saying, "I don't know if we're teasing any Guillermo-Nandor thing." He says that the pair love each other in "a multilevel way," but also that the season opens with Nandor deciding to take a wife. He also characterizes season four Guillermo as "so fed up with the situation that he has one foot out the door," a feeling that's complicated when Nandor asks him to be his best man.

Since the series time jump makes it possible for writers to fast-track Guillermo's time in London and Nandor's pursuit of a wife, it's very possible that the new episodes will still make room for some of the offbeat romantic tension fans love to see from the pair. Still, it sounds like if there is hope for this couple, it'll be a bit of a long game, as Nandor seems like he's going to be pretty tied up in his new romantic entanglement. Novak reveals that Nandor picks his new wife very quickly, and is a bit of a perfectionist in the relationship. The actor says that Nandor can't help but want "to change her a little bit, almost to the point of changing her too much to like the same things that he likes."

"What We Do In The Shadows" season four premieres on July 12, 2022 on FX.