Every Member Of The Seven In The Boys, Ranked By The Likelihood They'd Actually Save You

The superheroes in Marvel and DC Comics are more likely to save your life than they aren't, but that's not the way it works in the Prime Video series "The Boys," created by showrunner Eric Kripke and based on the comic series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The superheroes in "The Boys" aren't all that heroic most of the time, but are instead focused on their approval ratings, fame, and satiating their primal urges. That includes the Seven, the top team of superheroes that are the universe's equivalent of the Justice League, complete with Batman, Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman-inspired characters. Homelander (Antony Starr) might look a lot like an all-American Superman, but he's also willing to kill a lot of innocent civilians. Some of the Seven still have empathy for people and live up to their superheroic ideals, but to varying degrees that turn the odds of surviving an encounter with any of them pretty low. 

The first three episodes of season 3 of "The Boys" drop June 3, 2022, and to celebrate we've ranked the members of the Seven based on how likely they are to actually save you in an emergency. These characters are all as deeply complicated as they are flawed, so there's a chance that just about any of them could possibly save you, though I wouldn't hold your breath. 

7. Translucent/Stormfront

Tied for least likely to save anyone are Translucent (Alex Hassell) and Stormfront (Aya Cash), because Translucent is as dead as a doornail and Stormfront appeared to die at the end of season 2. While Translucent's death in season 1 is unarguable because no one comes back from having an explosive go off inside your butt, Stormfront's was a bit more ambiguous. Even if she did survive Ryan's (Cameron Crovetti) laser attack, she probably isn't going to be in any condition to do any saving. Besides, since she was an actual freaking Nazi, she probably wasn't going to save anyone unless they fit her creepy and hateful ideals anyway. Stormfront was originally Translucent's replacement, but with them both gone, there's a position open in the Seven. 

6. The Deep

The Deep (Chace Crawford) is the Aquaman or Namor of "The Boys," and he's really, really into marine animals. While Peacemaker may have joked about Jason Momoa's Aquaman "f***ing fish" in "Peacemaker," The Deep is clearly attracted to his underwater friends. He's in love with a dolphin in season 1, and throughout the series has shown that he cares about the creatures of the deep more than any human. Not only that, but because The Deep's powers are so tied to the ocean and its inhabitants, the only thing he could really possibly save you from is drowning. So, unfortunately, unless you're some kind of fish or your name is Flipper, The Deep isn't coming to your rescue. He was also not a part of the Seven at the end of season 2, though A-Train managed to get back on the team, so anything is possible. 

5. Homelander

Here's the thing with Homelander: he is immensely powerful and could save just about anyone from just about any disaster imaginable, but he's also a deranged psychopath. He is as likely to kill you in a moment of rage as he is to save you from anything, and as the show's progressed, he's gotten significantly angrier. While he might try to save someone for a PR stunt to increase his approval ratings or try to make himself feel relevant, he's not going to go out of his way to help anyone but himself. Despite being the show's Superman, he's probably killed more people than he's saved, which makes him a real long shot for doing any kind of good. Your best bet would probably be to offer him a nice cold glass of milk for saving you, but even that's a dodgy proposition with this unhinged maniac. 

4. A-Train

Like his fellow Vought supes, A-Train (Jessie Usher) has a few murders under his belt, but they were mostly accidental. He's a tortured soul who feels ignored within the Seven in part because of racial discrimination, and he's further marginalized at every turn by the more popular and powerful supes like Homelander. Not only that, but his abuse of Compound V has done serious damage to his health, and he's not really the fastest man in the world anymore. His ego is broken but not as ridiculously engorged as Homelander's, and he seems to still have a sense of empathy. A-Train may not have the same incredible powers as someone like Homelander, but he would probably try to save you if he could and it wouldn't put him in serious danger. After all, he has to look good for his feature on the cover of Vought Illustrated. 

3. Black Noir

We don't really know much about Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell). He's the strong, silent type, lurking in plenty of background shots but never really taking a place front and center. He's the closest thing the series has to a Batman or Daredevil-style character, a vigilante who stalks the streets and strikes fear into the hearts of villains. The spin-off series "The Boys Presents: Diabolical" had an episode that delved into the unusual friendship between Noir and Homelander, and it seems like Noir is actually kind of okay ... maybe? He's still terrifying because he's such a mystery, but so far he does appear to be one of the few members of the Seven who wouldn't just leave you for dead to go do a line of cocaine instead.

2. Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) is the Wonder Woman of this twisted universe and she's actually pretty wonderful compared to her teammates. She's jaded and bitter, having been mistreated by Vought and forced into many compromising positions, but she still mostly tries to do the right thing. Her complacency with the broken system was much worse in season 1 after she witnessed Homelander letting a whole commercial jetliner full of people die, but she steps up to the plate in season 2 and seems like she is trying to fight for good in the promotions for season 3. Maeve has her own personal demons to deal with, but she's also trying her damndest to actually be a hero most of the time. 

1. Starlight

Annie January, a.k.a. Starlight, is more than just the moral compass of the Seven, she's also the moral compass of the series. When she joined Vought and the Seven she was a naive goody-two-shoes who thought superheroes were everything they pretended to be. She was mostly authentic, an idealist who wanted to save the world with her powers. Though she has since been disillusioned with Vought and the Seven, she still believes in protecting "the little guy," whether it's a random stranger on the street or her human boyfriend Hughie (Jack Quaid). Out of every single member of the Seven, Starlight is the only one who truly deserves the "hero" part of the superhero moniker going into season 3. Standing by her beliefs hasn't been easy for her whether she's been trying to help the Seven or The Boys, but it makes her someone who has the interests of the people at heart instead of herself. Starlight rules, and she would save you no matter what, even if it meant sacrificing herself. 

The first three episodes of "The Boys" season 3 hit Prime Video on June 3, 2022.