The Full Episode Of The Animated Better Call Saul Spin-Off Slippin' Jimmy Is Free Online Now

Back when "Breaking Bad" was drawing to a close, who would've thought that we'd be here less than 10 years later and excitedly waiting for the concluding stretch of episodes that will bring its spin-off/prequel series, "Better Call Saul," to a similarly memorable end? The Bob Odenkirk-starring series, centered on the misadventures of the criminal lawyer formerly known as Jimmy McGill (who now goes by the Saul Goodman moniker), recently aired its most shocking and characteristically brutal episode yet with its mid-season finale fittingly titled "Plan And Execution."

But as bittersweet as it is to be nearing the end of this show's acclaimed run, would it surprise you to hear that our time with Slippin' Jimmy isn't entirely over just yet? As we reported previously, AMC has gone ahead with developing another spin-off/prequel — this time, an animated series called "Slippin' Jimmy." As "Better Call Saul" and the Netflix spin-off movie "El Camino" proved, the "Breaking Bad" universe is clearly rich and deep enough to support all sorts of stories expanding on our knowledge of the main characters. By exploring Jimmy and his childhood friend/partner in crime Marco Pasternak (played by Mel Rodriguez throughout season 1 and in a season 3 flashback) at such young ages and by taking the animated route in doing so, this should be a fascinating little experiment to see just how much this material has to offer to fans.

Accordingly, AMC has released a full episode of the show on YouTube, with a total runtime of a little less than nine minutes. Check it out below!

Slippin' Jimmy full episode

We've seen him at the height of his debauchery as the soulless Saul Goodman in "Breaking Bad," we've gotten to know and love him as the well-intentioned but tragically fallible Jimmy McGill in "Better Call Saul," and now we're getting a brand-new look at the character back when he was only known as "Slippin' Jimmy." The first episode of the animated series, titled "After Bedtime," follows Jimmy and his troublemaking friend Marco sneaking out from under their parents' noses and trying to implement their scheme to acquire a Lady Labyrinth comic book from their local shop.

It's not quite as high stakes as "Better Call Saul" or "Breaking Bad" have been at their peak, naturally, but it's incredibly fun to see many of the hustling, too-smart-for-his-own-good instincts taking root at such an early point in his life. As we saw in "Better Caul Saul," the distinctive black ring that Jimmy wears under his Saul Goodman persona stems from his affection for his old friend Marco, whose con man tendencies certainly rubbed off on our protagonist. Here, however, it's Jimmy who takes the ringleader role in urging Marco to go along with their "adventure" that inevitably leads to them getting up to no good at all.

"Slippin' Jimmy" is written by "Better Call Saul" veterans Ariel Levine and Kathleen Williams-Foshee, with a voice cast that includes Chi McBride, Laraine Newman, and Sean Giambrone. It's a brief but welcome way to help pass the time until "Better Call Saul" debuts the last half of its final season, scheduled to arrive on Monday, July 11, 2022, on AMC.