New Resident Evil TV Series Images Show Off Zombie Dogs, Delicious Humans

Ready for yet another trip to Raccoon City? Just as we are starting to recover from the failure of "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City," and just as mankind is starting to get over their basic need to be stomped on by a big vampire lady in "Resident Evil Village," Netflix is back with another adaptation of the popular "Resident Evil" franchise.

As popular and influential as the "Resident Evil" games have been, we've never really had an outright great adaptation. Sure, we've come close, and sure, every adaptation has had something fun, but there hasn't been anything that's been able to just capture the essence of the games

Now, Netflix is trying to break the curse with a live-action show that, while not a direct adaptation, it shows something we haven't seen before: a near future after the events of the games where humanity is all but extinct. Other than the remaining 2% of the human population, the world is populated by either zombies or unspeakable monsters that have taken over the world's wildlife. For a show with more monsters than humans, it is fitting that the story is focusing on the family of franchise big bad Albert Wesker (here to be played by the excellent Lance Reddick) as well as a whole new cast of zombie fodder.

A new horror awaits

Ahead of the release of the new trailer of the aptly titled "Resident Evil," Entertainment Weekly released some brand new images from the series and talked to showrunner Andrew Dabb about his new interpretation of the games. Dabb recognizes the show to be as scary as they are absurd (and fun), "I think everybody's been cloned at this point, but some of that is just crazy fun."

According to Dabb, the show will not be a proper adaptation of a specific game, but a new story that uses the lore and events of all the games as a backstory. Our entry point into this new story is Albert Wesker's daughter Jade, who Dabb describes as "like Jane Goodall for zombies," a scholar who has been trying to learn how zombies operate.

Much of the season, as Dabb explains, will deal with solving the puzzle about how the things got so bad, with the show exploring one timeline set in 2022, shortly after the events of "Resident Evil Village." In that timeline, a new miracle drug that can cure everything from OCD to depression is becoming the new rage, with people unaware that it includes a bit of the T-virus as a side effect.

As for how much the show will connect with the latest games, it remains to be seen. 

"Resident Evil" premieres on Netflix on June 14, 2022. Check out the rest of the new images below.