Saturday Night Live Cut Pete Davidson's Hilarious Rap Tribute To Lorne Michaels, But You Can Watch It Now

Last night, Pete Davidson bid farewell to "Saturday Night Live" with one of his signature appearances at the Weekend Update desk. It was pretty much the only thing Davidson did for the show's 47th season finale, but apparently that's because a pre-recorded sketch somehow ended up being cut from the broadcast. 

Along with stand-up bits during Weekend Update, Davidson has become known for delivering catchy hip-hop music videos on "SNL." On more than one occasion, he's parodied Grammy-winning rapper Eminem. For his goodbye episode, the comedian tried to do it one more time, and he even made his latest rap a tribute to "SNL" creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels. It's a stellar sketch, and we can't believe this ended up being cut from the show. Watch it below!

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For his final Eminem parody on "Saturday Night Live," Pete Davidson reached back to "Forgot About Dre," the 1999 track where Slim Shady pays tribute to the legacy of Dr. Dre. Appropriately, Davidson's rap is called "Forgot About Lorne," and it honors the comedic legacy of Lorne Michaels and the pop culture presence of "SNL." Not only is it a great rap, but it also features some hilarious Deepfakes of Michaels doing things that he would never do himself, even though he's appeared in plenty of sketches through the show's long history on TV. 

But of course, the cherry on top is a cameo from Eminem himself, who flat out tells Davidson to knock it off with the parodies of his songs. It's capped off by Davidson honoring his comedy hero Adam Sandler with a loud, "You blew it!"

So why didn't this make the show? There are a number of reasons sketches get cut from an episode of "SNL," and it's not always for quality. In fact, it's more often due to the timing of the show itself. Pre-recorded sketches especially get cut in favor of live ones. And that appears to be the case here. It's unfortunate, because there were a couple of live sketches that weren't anywhere near as good as this. But perhaps this would have given Davidson a bigger farewell than either Kate McKinnon or Aidy Bryant received. It may have also resulted in Kyle Mooney having less screentime in his final episode, though he got a much better tribute within this sketch than anywhere else on the show. We're just glad we get to enjoy the sketches that were cut for time in this day and age.

"Saturday Night Live" just wrapped up its 47th season, but it will return for season 48 in the fall.