Love, Victor Season 3 Trailer: The Third And Final Season Arrives In June

The third and final season of "Love, Victor" is coming to Hulu and Disney+ in June, giving us – as the tagline puts it – "one last chance to feel the love." The trailer for the teen romance series dropped today, and it looks like a pretty on-brand goodbye for a show that's always been on the sweeter and more sensitive side of the coming-of-age spectrum.

"Being brave means that you aren't afraid to be scared," Victor (Michael Cimino) declares in voiceover, "Because a lot of the times, the scariest things are also the most important." Sometimes, he points out, that includes admitting who you love. But who does Victor love? That question seems like it'll take up a pretty big chunk of the show's final season, as much of the trailer concerns him trying to sort through his feelings for both Benji (George Sear) and Rahim (Anthony Keyvan). The show's second season seemed to end with Victor making a definitive decision about his romantic future, but as the show heads into its endgame, it looks like it's not that simple.

A sweet farewell

Whoever Victor chooses, "Love, Victor" will almost certainly handle the story with care. The series is a spin-off of the feel-good teen movie "Love, Simon," and it's definitely carried over some of that film's heartfelt quality. Though Victor's love life is front and center here, the show isn't playing into the frustrating love triangle tropes we've seen a hundred times before. "Love, Victor" is gentler than that, typically treating all its characters as young people on a winding but ultimately pretty worth-the-trouble journey toward self-discovery.

In fact, the trailer even totally diffuses another love triangle in front of our eyes, with Lake (Bebe) telling her ex-boyfriend Felix (Anthony Turpel) that she's dating Lucy (Ava Capri) now. Aside from a moment of minorly oblivious straight boy cringe ("Who's the lucky guy?" Felix asks), this is a pretty unsensational moment in which everybody is happy for everybody else. The non-eventful public coming out shows how far these characters have come from the first season, which revolved around Victor's deep fears about coming out at his high school.

It's a wonder that kids these decent were at one point considered too mature for Disney+, but the series was developed for the streamer before being moved to Hulu, with sources citing its more adult coming-of-age themes. Now, with the introduction of the TV-14 option over at Disney+, the final season is set to air on both streamers.

"Love, Victor" season three will premiere on June 15, 2022, on Hulu and Disney+.