Bring Elliot And E.T.'s Classic Flight Home With New E.T. 40th Anniversary Funko POP Collection

E.T. phone home and tell everyone that it's your birthday (whether it is or not). Tell them you want all the new "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" Funko Pop! figures for a present. And ask them to buy a set for me as well, because my birthday is very soon! Today, Funko posted on Instagram to promote their new Funkoween figures from the 1982 film (oh my gosh, it's been 40 years), and they're so freaking adorable that I want to scream about them like Gertie! 

Funko's official account said in the post: "Funkoween 2022: Pre-order POP! Movies: E.T. 40th Anniversary for your collection today! Click the links in our stories!" If you do click the stories, you can see all the Funkoween items including ones from various Disney properties, "The Simpsons," "Nosferatu," "Attack on Titan," "Bride of Chucky," and more. You can also go to their site and sign up to be notified when these goodies become available.

Oh my gosh, E.T.'s teeny weeny widdle face all wrapped up in the blanket! And they glow in the dark! Yup. I'm done. Give it to me. Take my dollars. 

We're halfway to Funkoween (or Hallow's Eve as they say in the pics), but you can pre-order the Elliott riding a bike with E.T. at Entertainment Earth right now. It retails for $29.99, and it ships in October, which seems appropriate. 

Cheaper than buying that replica Elliott bike!

That's not the only "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" Funko figure, though! We also have Gertie, Elliott, E.T. in a plaid shirt phoning home, one where he's dressed as grandma, and one where he's using his powers to regrow the flower in the pot. Those aren't listed as exclusive to a site, so I'm assuming you can get them in many places, including on The flying one is available at Entertainment Earth but isn't listed as exclusive, either.

Then there is one figure where E.T. is eating his Reese's Pieces and a shirt with him on the front that are exclusive to Walmart. Also exclusive to Walmart are the E.T. lunchbox (which I had as a kid), and a three-pack with E.T. in the shirt, the dress, and with the flower pot.

Finally, there is a figure of E.T. with a glowing finger and heart that glows in the dark, exclusive to Target. The prices aren't listed for these, but honestly, they've got to be cheaper than the replica of Elliott's bike from the film which is $799!

The cuteness is overwhelming, and I have to go lie down now.