The CW Cancels Charmed, Naomi, Dynasty, Roswell: New Mexico, And More

The CW went on a straight-up killing spree as not one but seven (count 'em' seven!) shows have been canceled by the network. This is downright uncommon for the broadcaster to say the very least of it and could be a sign that big changes are indeed on the horizon for The CW and its parent companies, specifically Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery.

As reported by TVLine, the seven shows that have been given the ax are as follows: "Dynasty" after 5 seasons; "Charmed" after 4 seasons; "Into the Dark" after 4 seasons; "Roswell, New Mexico" after 4 seasons; "Legacies" after 4 seasons; "4400" after one season; and last, but certainly not least, "Naomi" after just one season. That is a whole lot of TV gone in the blink of an eye, especially considering that both "Legends of Tomorrow" and "Batwoman" were both canceled recently as well. The network's programming lineup just became a whole lot thinner, that much is certain. One amazing thing to point out is that with "Legacies" concluding its run, that marks the end of a 13-year run overall of the "Vampire Diaries" franchise on The CW. That is one heck of a haul, but all things must end. 

We should mention that The CW did hand out series orders to the "Supernatural" prequel titled "Winchesters," "Walker: Independence," and the DC show "Gotham Knights." So they're not clearing house entirely but this is a remarkable amount of trimming the fat for a traditional network, especially with a couple of shows getting let go after such short runs.

The impending sale of The CW approaches

So, why does it appear as though The CW is cleaning house? Well, as we learned back in January, the network is apparently going to be put up for sale by Paramount and Warner Bros., meaning that it could soon have a new owner. Nexstar Media Group is said to be the major contender and, odds are, if they do buy the network, things are going to change dramatically for all involved. Nexstar will probably change the name of the network and the programming associated with it. Meanwhile, the two media giants that currently own it will have far less motivation to provide programming to the network's new owner.

It all smells like this is in anticipation of the sale. This may very well explain why so many DC shows have been canceled, with "The Flash" also looking to wrap up its run next season. To put it simply? Goodbye Arrwoverse and hello HBO Max to all future DC programming. Warner Bros. Discovery is going to prioritize streaming and DC is a pillar of HBO Max. Similarly, Paramount has Paramount+ to be concerned with and any quality programming is likely going to be better off there or on CBS.

All of this to say, don't be surprised if we get some big announcement in the not-too-distant future that confirms The CW has been sold, as this all kind of looks like the smoke that leads to fire.