New Firestarter Clips Showcase Charlie's Power

Two fiery clips from Blumhouse's "Firestarter" are here, and the key takeaway from these would be ... do not mess with Charlie. The upcoming Stephen King adaptation will, once again, dive into Charlie's pyrokinetic abilities, which are coveted by people around her who wish to use them to their advantage.

While Charlie is unable to control her powers as of now, she displays a remarkable awareness of the extent of her powers, which are capable of reducing a door to a scorched mess and violently-bubbling contents in a glass jar (which will most likely explode in a quick second).

Check out these "Firestarter" clips below.

Burn it all down (to a crisp)

In the first clip, titled "Charlie Refuses to Hide Her Power," we see the young girl (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) and her father Andy (Zac Efron) crouching under a table, probably hiding away from some nefarious people offscreen. As Andy has had previous experiences with a shady government agency with intentions of controlling children with the ability to manipulate fire, he attempts to calm Charlie down so that she does not accidentally set things aflame.

However, sensing someone outside her home, Charlie gets up and emits a full-blown shriek, and a fireball that blasts the front door into smithereens (the scene slaps, not gonna lie). While this is a hint that Charlie has embraced her abilities and is not afraid to use them, the next clip, titled "Charlie Uses Her Power to Escape," shows her wriggling out of a dangerous situation with an intruder, who covers her eyes and intimidates Andy, asking him to surrender. We see Zac Efron cracking his neck in a rather menacing manner, and just as one would expect him to do something, Charlie steps in.

"She has no aim without sight, just like us," the intruder says, before being blasted backward by an enraged Charlie, who goes on to (probably) burn the man to crisp. Talk about stepping into your power.

Watch Charlie (unwittingly) melting things around her and (willingly) letting out a fiery shriek capable of annihilating an entire neighborhood below:

These dramatic scenes will most likely be accompanied by the film's score, which has been created by John Carpenter himself, along with frequent collaborators Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. The official synopsis of "Firestarter" is as follows:

"A young girl develops pyrokinetic abilities and is abducted by a secret government agency that wants to harness her powerful gift as a weapon."

"Firestarter" is expected to be in theaters on May 13, 2022, and will also be simultaneously available for streaming on Peacock.