Oscar Isaac Scared The Hell Out Of The Moon Knight Crew With His Jake Lockley Identity [Exclusive]

There are those who resort to Method acting, that all-too-common crutch for those seemingly unable – in Laurence Olivier's own words, as the story goes – to "just try acting." And then there are those who truly go the extra mile by simply ... doing the hard work of conjuring up complicated emotions in the moment and bringing multilayered characters to life. "Moon Knight" star Oscar Isaac is certainly one of the most charismatic and talented actors around, even if he doesn't quite operate in the same vein as others such as Daniel Day-Lewis, Jared Leto, or Christian Bale. But that doesn't mean the end result failed to ultimately conjure just as powerful results if he did, somehow, try to stay in-character as the multiple identities of Marc Spector and Steven Grant.

The season finale's post-credits reveal of a third personality, a terrifying fellow by the name of Jake Lockley, proved to be the concluding twist in a series that was chock-full of them. But what about the experience of actually filming the moment when Lockley finally steps out of the shadows and makes his grand reveal? It's not a terribly long scene by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainly seems like Isaac's performance made itself known among the cast and crew. In an interview with /Film, "Moon Knight" director Mohamed Diab spoke about all aspects of the finale. The conversation turned towards the Jake personality and the way that Isaac chose to play him. According to Diab, it was chilling enough to "scare the hell" out of them.

""We never spoke about Jake that much, honestly, but I want to tell you, when Oscar just showed us the way he wanted to play him, he scared the hell out of us. He became a scary person for sure."

'I see him as the Taxi Driver kind of guy'

After steadily building up the hints and teases towards a mysterious third personality throughout all six episodes of "Moon Knight," the latest and final episode threw back the curtain and let viewers see him for the very first time. Even from just his mannerisms, facial expressions, and demeanor alone, it was clear to see that Oscar Isaac had brought a whole new body language to this far more ruthless and coldblooded identity. The choice to end on the tease of more adventures to come with Jake as a villainous figure of sorts should keep fans invested in the possibility of another season to come, but what about Mohamed Diab himself? The director skillfully guided his episodes to the finish line, including the finale. How does the introduction of Jake Lockley factor into his interests in returning for another round of "Moon Knight" and his multiple personalities? Here's what Diab had to say:

"I think the discussion about Jake is going to come one day, if there is an expansion of what's going to happen. We actually decided to meet him at the end, so we don't do this disservice to him, because he needs exactly the same time as Marc and Steven on screen. We need to understand who he is. We need to understand his struggle, but he's one of the reasons that I really want to come back one day to this show and expand that world, whether in film or TV. But I see him as the 'Taxi Driver' kind of guy. So I wish one day to play with him and see where it takes us."

That's the only trouble about saving the most exciting and promising imagery for last — not only does it make fans impatient to find out where the story goes, but it makes for a bittersweet experience for the creative team, as well! Here's hoping that Diab and the rest of the creative team are brought back for wherever Moon Knight goes next in the MCU. His offhand comment about "whether in film or TV" should raise some eyebrows, perhaps teasing what Kevin Feige and his storytellers have in store for the character.

Until then, you can catch all six episodes of "Moon Knight" streaming on Disney+.