Ozark Season 4 Part 2 Clip: Ruth Meets A Rap Legend

When Ruth Langmore, played by Emmy winner Julia Garner, sets out on a revenge quest in "Ozark," she looks to music for inspiration. "Ozark" Season 4: Part 2, which hits Netflix today, sees Ruth gunning for Javi Elizonndro (Alfonso Herrera) after the shocking events of the Season 4: Part 1 finale. Along the way, Ruth is bumping some hip-hop, specifically, Nas, and she's bumping into another rap legend, Killer Mike, who's here to cameo and talk music with her.

Nas has dabbled in acting, making his feature-film debut opposite the late DMX in "Belly." He also served as the narrator and co-executive producer of Stephen Adly Guirgis and Baz Luhrmann's Netflix musical drama, "The Get Down." So he has an existing relationship with the streamer and it's not hard to see how Netflix might have garnered the rights to some of his music for another one of its flagship shows, "Ozark."

Though Killer Mike is perhaps best known to music-lovers as one half of the duo Run the Jewels, he, too, has an existing relationship with Netflix and has spent time developing his own modest filmography in addition to his impressive discography. Killer Mike made his musical debut in 2000 on the classic Outkast album, "Stankonia," and he would go on to play himself in the film "ATL," which co-starred Outkast's Big Boi. Since then, he has made further cameos in Edgar Wright's "Baby Driver" and the Ethan Hawke-led Showtime series, "The Good Lord Bird," and he's co-hosted the Netflix documentary series, "Trigger Warning with Killer Mike."

Now, the Atlanta-born rapper can add "Ozark" to his list of acting credits, courtesy of the Season 4: Part 2 premiere. Check out Killer Mike's "Ozark" scene, below.

Killer Mike in Ozark

The scene takes place in a diner, where Ruth stops at Killer Mike's booth and goes all fangirl on him, saying, "I just want to say, I really love your s***." He asks her what she's listening to, and she lets him hear a bit of the Nas song "N.Y. State of Mind" in her earbuds. The song comes from Nas's 1994 debut album, "Illmatic," which came out when he was only 20 years old, as Ruth notes.

Killer Mike tells Ruth, "When I listen to that record, his projects are in Queens, and you can kinda see Manhattan, and I've always thought it was so hopeful and f****** cruel at the same time." Netflix's official description of the scene notes that Killer Mike "validates [Ruth's] interpretation" of the song, "drawing parallels to her own life." And indeed, it's not hard to see how Ruth — with her criminal record — has long been inhabiting her own sort of projects in the Ozarks, with Marty and Wendy Byrde (Jason Bateman and Laura Linney) and their thin veneer of respectability and clean backgrounds representing the unattainable Manhattan for her.

"Ozark" Season 4: Part 2 is streaming on Netflix now.