AMC+ Is Planning To Premiere A New Movie Once Per Week

The number of streaming services available seems to be growing at an exponential rate and our bank accounts are not following suit — which means each streamer is doing all they can to come out on top, and keep the subscriptions going strong. In a world where even a content-churning machine-like Netflix is hitting a rough patch, distribution pacts are more important than ever. Shoring up some exclusive new releases for themselves, AMC+ has struck a deal with (AMC Networks-owned) IFC films, for post-theater distribution rights to new releases (per THR). Under this agreement, IFC films will have their streaming debut exclusively on AMC+, 90 days after their initial theatrical release.

IFC Films previously held distribution pacts with Showtime and Hulu, but since it's owned by AMC and this deal has the potential to boost viewership for the flagship streaming service, this development is no big surprise. The deal allows immense expansion for the feature library on AMC+, a service currently best known for playing host to top AMC series, including "The Walking Dead," and "Better Call Saul," both of which are in their final season. Courtney Thomasma, general manager of AMC+ said in a statement, "expanding our film offering was the next logical step in continuing to serve and grow our audience." Arianna Bocco, president of IFC Films, added: 

"For over two decades, IFC Films has led the industry in developing diversified distribution strategies for independent cinema, bringing audiences the best in global and American independent film. We are proud to continue this history of innovation and give audiences more ways to discover our incredible library on AMC+."

Get ready for Final Fridays

This isn't the first time AMC+ has experimented with exclusive streaming options. Late last year, the service used November through December for various streaming debuts, including some that were day-and-date with theatrical. If this was testing the grounds for their upcoming plan, then clearly they saw the results there were hoping for. According to AMC, that slate "outperformed popular library title movies in both viewership and acquisition, with user engagement ranking among even the top original series on AMC+." If the new slate continues this trend, then AMC+ might just see some subscriber growth.

The new strategy sees the streamer premiering new features on Fridays — including a spot specially reserved for horror releases through AMC Networks' Shudder label. The last Friday of each month has been dubbed Final Friday, in honor of the chilling titles set to debut on the streamer. The overall arrangement begins on May 6, 2022, with the streaming premiere of IFC Films' Adrien Brody thriller "Clean," a redemption arc that devolves into violence. The revenge thriller "Catch the Fair One," from director Josef Kubota Wladyka and executive produced by Darren Aronofsky will then arrive on May 13. Riley Stearns' doppelganger comedy "Dual" made waves at Sundance earlier this year, with Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul taking the lead. Though it only hit theaters a few weeks ago, it arrives on AMC+ on May 20, just 35 days after its theatrical release. Following this will be Ruth Paxton's "A Banquet," a Final Friday release set for May 27, 2022.