Night Sky Trailer: Sissy Spacek And J.K. Simmons Explore A Celestial Mystery

There really aren't many stories about senior citizens solving mysteries in outer space, but Amazon Studios is looking to change that with their new series, "Night Sky." The series will debut on Prime Video around the world next month, with all eight episodes dropping at once so binge-watchers can get their fix. Starring Academy Award winners Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons as Irene and Franklin York, the series follows a married couple who have discovered a secret chamber buried in their backyard that happens to transport them to a deserted planet. They've kept the enigmatic but wonderful experiences traveling there a secret for years, but they soon discover that there is much more to the mystery. 

In anticipation of the series' debut, Prime Video has dropped a full trailer full of warmth, riddles, and beautiful sci-fi visuals. 

Is it time to share the secret?

The "Night Sky" trailer shows the Yorks descending into the chamber and transporting themselves into a gorgeous little getaway place in outer space. They're a loving, charming couple, though Franklin thinks that it's time for them to share the secret with someone else. When they discover a strange young man on their property, things begin unraveling, and it's up to Irene and Franklin to solve the mystery of the backyard transporter. 

While it's exciting to see a sci-fi mystery thriller series focused on two older folks, the best thing about this trailer is the clear love between the two leads. Spacek and Simmons are both great actors, but there's a warmth between them that feels hard to fake. Seeing that kind of love at their age is heartwarming, even if they're going to have to worry about possible extraterrestrial invaders. While I might like to pretend that every J.K. Simmons role is actually just another version of J.Jonah Jameson, this will probably be the first time I don't. He's just too sweet!

In addition to Spacek and Simmons, the series stars Chai Hansen ("The 100"), Kiah McKirnan ("Mare of Easttown"), Julieta Zylblerberg ("The Invisible Look"), Rocío Hernández ("La caída") and Adam Bartley ("Longmire.") The series is a co-production of Amazon Studios and Legendary Television, and is showrun by Daniel C. Connolly ("The Son," "Into the Badlands"). The show was written by Holden Miller, best known for being a folk musician and son of comedian Dennis Miller.

All eight episodes of "Night Sky" will premiere exclusively on Prime Video on May 20, 2022.