Bob Odenkirk's Straight Man Ordered To Series At AMC

"Better Call Saul" and "Breaking Bad" star Bob Odenkirk has yet another project for us to delight in. AMC Networks (home of the previously mentioned series) has given the green light to a new show starring the Emmy-nominated actor entitled "Straight Man." The project was announced as in development earlier this month, but it's officially happening now. "Straight Man" is based on the novel of the same name by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Russo. It's the story of a man named William Henry Devereaux Jr. (Odenkirk). Poor William is in the middle of a midlife crisis and trying to deal with his job as the chairman of the English department in a not-so-wealthy school in the Pennsylvania rust belt. To give you an idea of the tone of the book (which I have not read yet, but I have read about) there is a threat against a goose on live television, and I very much hope that is in the series. 

"Straight Man" is set for sometime in 2023, and AMC Networks will partner with Sony Pictures' Television TriStar TV, and Gran Via for the series. The script was adapted from the novel by Aaron Zelman and Paul Lieberstein, and they'll be serving as co-showrunners. Peter Farrelly will direct and executive produce. Also executive producing are Zelman, Lieberstein, Odenkirk, Mark Johnson, novel author Richard Russo, Naomi Odenkirk, and Marc Provissiero. 

But ... will the goose be in it?

We'll be getting eight one-hour episodes of "Straight Man," and this sounds pretty great. Odenkirk has that unique way of combining drama and comedy, even when he's playing ... well, the straight man. He said in a statement:

"I am thrilled that AMC is embracing the unique scenario and characters in Paul and Aaron's adaptation of Straight Man. I have loved the mix of comedy and drama in Better Call Saul, and this is another story with a unique dynamic, and the kind of closely observed character writing and exploration that AMC has become the touchstone for. It's going to be fun to play and watch!"

I feel like this is perfect for Odenkirk. If you've seen his recent film "Nobody," which came out during the pandemic, you know that a character like this is right up his alley. Not that our professor has a past like Hutch in "Nobody," but in terms of someone going dark in the funniest way, this is Odenkirk all over. The showrunners mentioned in a statement, "We don't know another actor who can give you three different emotions on his face at the same time, in a reaction shot." Yup, that is the perfect way to describe him. This sounds like a whole lot of fun, and I'm kind of excited for the goose!